Snapshot of an April Evening

Carol A. Hand

A rainy night – April 9, 2017


Clouds briefly parting on the rainy night

allowing Grandmother Moon momentarily to reveal her light

ship horns trumpeting from the nearby bay

pulsating winds humming as budding branches sway


36 thoughts on “Snapshot of an April Evening

      1. Indeed! Besides to shoot the moon is always an adventure! it must be a sign! I hope for something good.

        Dear Carol, could you send me a photo of your budgie? I got so curious to see him! Or may be you could write a post about him))))

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        1. Thank you for your lovely comments, Maria. I promise to send a photo of Queenie when I can but it may take a while. My photos are stored a bit like my papers – unsorted in over 100 files. 🙂

          (I’ve spent the last few days without internet access, so I’m a bit behind in editing/revising. I needed to have a computer technician check my computer before I could feel safe writing. Now I feel pressured to finish part 2 and move on to part 3 of 4.)

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  1. Dear Miss Carol, Thanks for keeping us mindful of dear old Mother Nature’s beauty. There’s so much human ugliness around us, we sometimes forget. Keep up the good work, Buster (my old pappy appreciates your wonderful messages, also of course!!

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      1. Thanks Carol. I just fed the stray black and white kitty that came with my apartment 😦 she is too frightened to catch. I wish she would trust me. I have been working on it since Sept. Really she is awesome. her old owners left her in a trailer with 3 kittens 😦 I came home one night and those peeps towed the trailer 😦 2 kittens were gone. I was able to find her one kitten a home. Her name is Carly 🙂 the baby cat 🙂 The thing I like the best about Momma cat is she does not attack my song birds and squirrels I also feed. I just looked I can see the stars tonight!

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