Relationships and Responsibility

Carol A. Hand

What happens when people don’t show up
or fail to fulfill their obligations to others?

Do absences and empty spaces symbolize
what’s wrong with the world today?


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How can we work toward a shared vision of what could be
when too many are missing from the circle
of reciprocal committed caring relationship?


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How does this affect those who care enough
to do their part and meet their responsibilities to others?



19 thoughts on “Relationships and Responsibility

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  1. I appreciate your wise choice of the word “obligations” here Carol. IMHO manager much different than “expectations” which can cultivate disappointment. Personally I believe obligation is not fully understood/taught on how it ties into family/cultural traditions. Upcoming generations have access to unprecedented social filters often opting out on physically showing up i.e. “I texted ” or didn’t you see my post on FB. It is discouraging at times but for me as a parent of 3 millennials, patience on my part and a “come To Jesus” meeting with their mom is making “some” headway. (PS she let’s me and prefers me to be the “good cop”)

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences and important insights, Ray. I’m not sure young people these days really understand that relationships to families and the people and environment around them convey stewardship obligations.
      As you say, “opting out on physically showing up i.e. “I texted ” or didn’t you see my post on FB” creates a challenge for being physically/attentively present in the moment. It’s something I see with younger college students who sometimes seem oblivious to the effects their actions have on their classmates.

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  2. Reciprocity is key here, and an openness to accepting varied perceptions. A dialog is imperative and is becoming more and more difficult today. Responsibility is being ceded to the purveyors of candy, either tangible or just ego stroke of a common ideology

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  3. We need to draw boundaries, being late or not showing are not acceptable. If you steal my money or goods they can be replaced but nobody can replace my time … life is too short and if people can’t keep their commitments why would you want to pursue business or friendship? It’s better to be firm than be walked over.

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    1. A most important question, David. I think your last post about community provides the answer – accountability comes from a sense of belonging and connection, something that seems to be missing in the lives of so many these days. 🙂


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