In a Single Frame

Carol A. Hand

In a single frame

Symbols of civilization

juxtaposed with nature

reaching ever higher

for the light


to breathe



Morning View – March 11, 2017


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    1. Thank you for your always kind words, Bob. It’s a hybrid class weekend, so I don’t have to drive. Students have a chance to read and share the notes they jot about what they’ve learned. I hope you will be watching the night and morning skies, hiking in the mountains with your camera ready, or just enjoying life with your beautiful family. 🙂

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        1. I hope your skies clear, Bob. Ours are cloudy with a winter storm advisory in effect – 3 – 6 inches of snow. I appreciate your comment about the photos. It’s been a fun way for me to take a break from the tedious job of editing/rewriting to “get real.” I’m revising chapter 8 at the moment with only 3 more chapters to go to finish the first of a four-part manuscript. I hope to send the first part to an editor for review by next week.


        2. Hi Carol! Wishing you the best with your manuscript. Editing and rewriting can be a real chore. If you have an editor you trust it may be worth passing it on to them. When it comes to editing photos, I am very good at editing other photographers and terrible at editing my own. That is because my favourite photo is always the last one I took. Sometimes it is difficult to be subjective about what is close. Take care. Enjoy the snow, it can’t last. Bob

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    1. Thank you for your lovely, thoughtful comments, Annika. When I looked out of the window in the morning as I opened the blinds, I saw the looming dark presence of the church steeple and the cloud of factory exhaust highlighted by the sun. The scene was so perfectly framed by the window. I ran for my camera to capture the moment, so perfectly framed, and the poem wrote itself.

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