Grandmother Moon

Carol A. Hand

Grandmother Moon reflecting light
for a sometimes dark and weary world
where children hunger and die before their time
to feed the greed of would-be kings and queens

Remind us with your patient presence
of wonders we have yet to fathom
your dispassionate illuminating gaze
our guide through the bleakest nights


Grandmother Moon – March 10, 2017


23 thoughts on “Grandmother Moon

    1. Thank you for sharing the beautiful images of Grandmother Moon, Diane. Perhaps we were both gazing at her in wonder at the same time despite the geographic distances that separate us, dear friend. ❤

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  1. The ruling class profits and becomes rich from our labor; while, we work for crumbs and are thankful to have them. The moon sheds it’s light on the rich and poor equally. However some are able to see it’s beauty while others only seek to exploit it.
    A beautiful poem Carol. I may have placed emphasis where it doesn’t belong. If so please forgive me.

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  2. I was wondering what was so powerful about that moon. It also generated a post from me on the 10th. “Grandmother”. Looked the same from my house. It makes sense now. Thank you for the insight!

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  3. Beautiful Poem ! Love the picture too. I really liked the lines ‘where children hunger and die before their time to feed the greed of would-be kings and queens’ , it is our dark reality where the 99 percent of world wealth is owned by 1% of its population , and it is upto them to be great and do some charity or keep it all to themselves, sometimes I think is this not a basic human right to have food and water when I see the faces of starving children on TV and newspaper?

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