“Be Here Now”

Carol A. Hand


Let me be fully present here, in this moment

Focusing on opportunities to send out love and healing

Not frozen in yesterday’s hurts and disappointments

Not constrained by the bleakness of the surrounding landscape

Not controlled by the fear and chaos swirling about in other places

Not concerned about tomorrow’s uncertainty

I only have this moment,


to radiate peace and joy


Morning – March 7, 2017



For my beloved daughter who inspired these reflections…

Title drawn from the work of Baba Ram Dass (1971), Be Here Now.


26 thoughts on ““Be Here Now”

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  1. I read this book a long time ago and found it truly inspiring, as is your poem – and an apt reminder to me as I too am feeling the pressure of today’s (family) concerns and tomorrow’s uncertainty.

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      1. Thank you dear Carol. I am humbled. I am asking myself what else I can do to make people realize that we truly need to take care of Mother Earth – as She is taking care of us. Lots of darkness right now.

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        1. Helen, you touch so many hearts and raise awareness with the beauty and love woven into your advocacy, photos and stories. But, as you point out, it’s not easy to hold hope in dark times when those in power prefer to remain deaf and blind to both beauty and suffering. Your work, though, gives me hope. ❤


  2. Wow, inspiring uplifting poem that calms my busy mind! The layout reflects the words perfectly with ‘now’ placed serenely by itself in the centre. I love how this has been written as a result of your daughter’s reflections,

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