Ever Shifting Landscapes

Carol A. Hand

Evening - February 25, 2017
Evening – February 25, 2017


Each day brings new landscapes and opportunities for reflection

The grey days and snow of late February, for some, evoke a sense of gloom

While for others, the blanketed earth symbolizes sustenance and protection

for the trees and flowers of spring waiting patiently to bloom


Morning - February 26, 2017
Morning – February 26, 2017















20 thoughts on “Ever Shifting Landscapes

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Diane. ❤ The view is already shifting – the sun has come out and the snow on the roof has begun melting. I hope you can imagine the warming sun reflecting, creating rainbow sparkles on the snow. It's not necessarily any warmer, but the beauty eases the chill. 🙂

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  1. Dear Carol,

    thank you for another brilliant piece of mind! You have a gorgeous view, by the way…Very mysterious and calling to meditation. And it’s odd…when you compare photos of the same place through Time, you notice it change too.

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    1. Your lovely thoughtful comments are deeply appreciated, Maria. Thank you for your kindness and your astute comments about changes through time. Observing and contemplating one place reveals the ever changing nature of life. From one moment to the next, the light and winds shift. People and animals enter and leave the frame. Different plants bloom and wilt. Seasons change, yet upon their return, this is no guarantee that snow will come during winter or melt at the same time each year in the spring. The constant is change. The challenge is to remain present and aware of things we need to address. I’m learning a little late in life that photos help me study changes through time and help me detect patterns and trends.

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  2. I know the snow we are having here in Vancouver has been unusual (we usually have two, max three snow episodes that are inconsequential and short, the snow never stays for more than a day or two)…but coming from a country where snow is rare if not nonexistent, it is a welcomed surprise to me…I like how “she” covers it all and makes children happy. On the other side, the green shoots and the birds are confused…

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    1. Changing weather patterns do leave us all a bit confused, but I suspect it’s something we need to accept as the “new normal.” As you point out in your work, we need to stay focused on testing out ever-shifting strategies to become more self-sufficient and help others who are struggling.

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  3. I do believe we need rest from all the days we work the earth;-) I enjoy my quiet times in the winter, but this year is a bit unusual. We had 70 degree weather last week + I was outside riding my bike with a t-shirt in Feb!

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    1. Robbie, It’s always a delight to hear from you. 🙂 I’m beginning to think unpredictable weather is the “new normal.” In the six winters I’ve lived here, no two have been even remotely predictable from one year to the next. My first year here, the temperatures rarely if ever went below freezing. Two years later, we were hit with the polar vortex – more than 5 feet of snow and temperatures that hovered between -20 and -40 degrees F. This winter has been an odd mix with temperatures fluctuating between -20 and 60. Today, it’s once again above freezing, although definitely not t-shirt weather for me at 39 F. 🙂


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