Reflections and Questions

Carol A. Hand

Who am I – a tiny speck on a revolving globe
In a universe that, like me, appears to be
more empty space than substance?
Why am I here – a physical body held on the surface
by a force no one can adequately explain?


Transparent Shadow - Carol A. Hand
Transparent Shadow – Carol A. Hand


There are times when I feel connected, one
with the wonder and beauty surrounding me
And other times I’m absolutely alone
when inexplicable brutality and suffering
painfully extinguish meaning and hope


Dark Shadow - Carol A. Hand
Dark Shadow – Carol A. Hand


For moments in each rotation of this globe
there’s an escape to blessed oblivion
Yet I have always awakened, whatever that means,
to the repeating questions that remain


Stardust Shadow - Carol A. Hand
Stardust Shadow – Carol A. Hand


Who am I?
Where am I?
What is the purpose of life?
Is there something I am meant to learn, to do, to be?


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  1. Carol,
    I believe there is a purpose to life. I believe the human form of life is special in that it allows us to ask questions like the ones you proposed: Is there something I am meant to learn, to do, to be? Each of us has their faith, and we may not agree. But I believe that we are in this world, this material world, because we have material desires and the only way to fulfill them is in this material form. However, the goal of life is to understand that we are not the body, but rather the soul within; a spiritual being. The goal of life is to learn to love God; to free ourselves of material desires and attachments; to break free from the cycle of birth and death; and to go back home at the end of life, back to godhead.
    I feel a little strange posting this on your blog but I wanted to respond and to do so without writing a book. So much of what causes us discomfort in this life is because the conditions we find ourselves in are not natural to us the soul within the body.
    I loved your post. Sorry for going on like this.

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  2. Wonderful post, Carol. Another blogger asked almost identical questions to which I replied thus:
    From what I now know of life’s purpose, I think those are the questions we are here to create the answers for. Notice I say “create” and not “find” and there is a world of difference between these two approaches. The first causes us to evolve mentally, the second keeps us penned into Matrix confines of religion, government, money, popular science and ancient philosophies.

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  3. Oh Carol, I don’t thing a human has ever lived that hasn’t grappled with those same questions, and the diversity of answers fill volumes of written texts. I absolutely loved your post and the way you put together your queries and your longings. The fact that we mortals connect on that level speaks to me of purpose and identity. First let me just agree 100% with what your first commenter put forth. There are so many tthings we can’t know for sure in this life, but I believe the good Lord leads us into connections with other people and in them and our feelings for them we find not only our true identity but our purpose as well. I’m always reminded of an encounter years ago with a homeless man who drove that message home for me. I’ve written about it a couple of times, but the gist of it was that he had nothing, no reason to smile, no reason to bless someone else, no reason to be where he was that day. And yet a black man with no legs and no home was sitting in a wheel chair on a downtown street and at one of the darkest moments of my life, I, a white woman with both legs, no physical impediment, a home, and money in the bank, turned a corner and was greeted by his huge smile, his warm countenance, and the words “God bless you!” And I knew I had come face to face with the Lord and been lifted up by that stark contrast and reality to use what gifts I had to bless others as well. Thus my purpose was forged while in my hopelessness, my questioning, my doubts, and my selfishness. I still don’t have the answers to much of anything but I know what and who I am for the most part. I am a child of the Maker of heaven and earth, and I am made in His image so I find my identity in what He says about His children in Scripture, and I see it reflected back to my in my relationships and daily encounters with other people. And I’ve learned what I can contribute in this hurting world so desperately lacking kindness, love and peace for I can smile, I can be kind, I can live peacefully, and I can love. You are one of my blessings and teachers my friend. Love and hugs, Natalie

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  4. Hi Carol. Your poem searches for answers. Is it fair we enjoy beauty amidst so much suffering? The answer is we have to you. We can’t let beauty go by without honouring it’s presence. The best we can do is gather strength and laugh out loud in spite of it all. That’s what will make us keep fighting for what is right. Take care. Bob

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