Brief Reflections about Standing Rock – Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Carol A. Hand

Today a young woman is in critical condition due to escalating police violence, all so corporations can pollute and profit: Her only “crime” was standing in peaceful solidarity with Standing Rock Water Protectors to prevent corporations from creating yet more environmental devastation.

Photo: Huffington Post - Thanksgiving Message to Indigenous People from the Invading Forces
Photo: Huffington Post – Thanksgiving Message to Indigenous People from the Invading Forces

(Link to Huffington Post photo and article:

The list of the militarized police forces arrayed against Standing Rock Water Protectors is daunting:

I’m not entirely sure why, but this situation reminds me of Wounded Knee and the Ghost Dance:

Wounded Knee Massacre - December 29, 1890
Wounded Knee Massacre – December 29, 1890

(Photo Source: Wikipedia)

The circumstances feel eerily similar. Two vastly different cultures collide, one with fear and lethal weapons, and one with hope, ceremony, and prayers. One to exploit the earth for short-term individual profits, and one to protect the earth for all our relations, now and in the future.

Despite all of the tragic lessons of past history, I still hope that love and peaceful solidarity will finally triumph over brutality, oppression and fear. I humbly ask all who read this to please do what you can to let governments, police, and corporations know that the world is watching. Please do all you can to let the Water Protectors know you support them and stand with them in spirit.

Chi Miigwetch. (Ojibwe for “thank you very much.”)


24 thoughts on “Brief Reflections about Standing Rock – Wednesday, November 23, 2016

  1. Hi Carol, I’m not sure if you are aware how much this struggle has permeated our consciousness here in Australia, particularly amongst the indigenous mobs and other marginalised groups. We receive updates many times a day, indeed, we are frequently more informed about this struggle than on many local issues. We stand in solidarity with the water protectors, we are so grateful for their perseverance and strength, and we are deeply saddened by the actions of corporations and government on this issue. There is a symbolic aspect to this which has inspired many here to realise we must take more direct action in our guardianship of the land, regardless of our “disempowered” position in society. I write this today so that you may know you are in our thoughts, hearts and prayers daily. Much gratitude and love to our First Nations brothers and sisters of Turtle Island for lighting the way. x

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    1. Your thoughtful comments touched me deeply, Robyn, and brought tears to my eyes. I am so deeply grateful to indigenous people and others of good heart who stand in solidarity to protect the earth we all share. Chi miigwetch, sister in spirit. ❤

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  2. Reblogged this on steelcityman and commented:
    This is getting out of hand … the government and the corporations need to take note of their racist policies in search of ‘profit at all costs’ … it’s inhuman. And to think the Americans had countless thousands killed at the hands of the Nazs and here they are doing the same thing to the protesters at Standing Rock … your actions disgust me and I stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Protesters ….

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  3. No need for thanks–this is a critical issue that affects us all, including the short-sighted, rapacious corporations and the blind politicians determined to pursue this destructive path. In the coming years, I think it will be essential to ensure our voices are heard and our peaceful but determined opposition to greed, injustice, and divisiveness is registered. Thanks to those making sacrifices on the front lines, and thanks to you for bringing attention to them.

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  4. As Jamborobyn points out above, this has resonated around the world. We had a small action and fund raiser here in Ljubljana last Sunday and raised 2000 EUR; for a small city like the Slovenian capital, that’s a decent turn out. A friend and colleague will be traveling there shortly for an extended period to cover the actions.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this important information, Bob. It is heartening to know that caring people around the world are watching and supporting the water protectors in so many ways. ❤


  5. Carol:
    In NYC there have been many actions in support of the Standing Rock Sioux. Surprisingly I was directed by organizers to a nightclub to listen to a native band, Blackfoot, on the night many were arrested at the Army Corps of Engineer office. We are much stronger in every way imaginable. Resistance this time in history has the whole world watching.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this important information about local and global actions that reach across distances to build unity among those who want peace and positive change, Steve. Your words bring hope. ❤


        1. I ask myself that question, too, Feral C4t. Greed is certainly a big part of it, although those who wield the weapons rarely get much in return for the services they provide to protect the privileged position of the ruling elite.


  6. I saw your post topic and my heart aches every time I hear about it. I was in 3rd grade and must has seen Billy Jack four times. A hero, I could relate to by culture as well as spiritually. Praying for a peaceful resolution my friend.

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