Morning Reflections November 20 2016

Carol A. Hand

Moments of beauty as I rise
Clouds painted rosy by the rising sun
Bare branches golden, glowing against dark western skies
Earth blanketed by sparkling rainbowed snow
No treasures are greater than these simple gifts
They touch my heart and my spirit lifts


Dancer by Carol A. Hand
Dancer by Carol A. Hand


Note: Chi-miigwetch means thank you very much in Ojibwe.


11 thoughts on “Morning Reflections November 20 2016

  1. Just lovely, how are you Carol?
    Sorry for the silence, I have been way too busy but from time to time I am visiting your site and refresh my soul with your work. Chi-miigwetch!!

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    1. Thank you, David. Moments like this are so important these days, aren’t they? They help me remember to take time to breathe and contemplate beauty and everyday miracles. 🙂


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