The First November Snow

Carol A. Hand

Sometimes, I just feel an irrepressible urge to be silly. It seems as though we are all so weighed down by troubling events in the world right now. After posting a serious poem this morning, I looked out of my window. And laughed. Delighted. And this silly poem ran through my thoughts.

Should I post it,” I wondered? “Why not,” I replied? “It might lighten another’s day.”

So here it is. Please excuse me if I appear to be a bit irreverent and risque, but too much sorrow is unhealthy.


Oh, please. Tell me it just ain’t so!
As winter winds begin to blow


buffeting the rapidly falling snow
But with my new long-johns on


Here I am wintry world – I’m raring to go


39 thoughts on “The First November Snow

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    1. Well, you know, Bob, your prediction came true. The snow stopped, the winds eased, and the sun came up the next morning to begin melting the snow and ice. It’s amazing to see what a little joy and risque color can do. 🙂


      1. Hi Carol, you have to do what needs to be done. I have been wearing my long underwear since October and the weather just keeps getting worse. I may have to get a pair of those bright ones! Bob

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  1. Yes, a little silliness is just what too much sorrow recommends. But is it more than a coincidence that all the colors in the long johns are the colors of the knitting? Hmm.

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    1. Thank you for your lighthearted comments, Peter. As a photographer you know context matters. 🙂

      (The rainbow shawl is special to me and has a designated place of honor on the back of my now-fraying writing chair. The shawl was a gift from my mother years ago, crafted with bits of yarn that she inherited from her mother.)

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