I Remember …/ A Reblog

Originally Posted on November 10, 2014

by Carol A. Hand

I remember other storms approaching – the wind silent but the air filled with the electricity of threat and possibility. I survived. But have I worn the grooves of hope and love deeply enough into my spirit to weather the storms that I know are coming? As I sat on my doorstep this morning watching the first of the snowflakes begin to fall in the darkened landscape, I wondered what the winter of these times will bring. I can feel the beat of my heart quicken with a mixture of fear and exhilaration.


Photo Credit: Duluth – Morning – November 10, 2014

My thoughts are transported back to an earlier time, the first warning of storms to come. I was standing in the Connecticut cottage where I lived with my infant daughter looking out of the picture window toward the trees and down at the river that flowed past the front of the cabin. Then, as today, the air was filled with the electricity of an approaching storm. Yet in the past, I awoke from a dream remembering some of the images and insights of a guide that sometimes speaks to me through dreams. “A storm is coming,” the guide said.

“Times ahead will be hard. The earth has shifted on its axis and the polarities of the earth’s gravitational fields are changing. People will not know they are being affected by these shifts, but polarities will be amplified. Those on a path of light will glow brighter while those on a path of darkness will grow stronger in their quest for control and destruction. You have a choice. You may leave now. You don’t have to stay to face the storm.”

How could I leave an infant to face the coming storms without a mother who loved her? I certainly wasn’t a perfect mother, but I loved my daughter enough to choose to seek the light again and again. I would fail again and again, but decades later, I know I did the best I could. I’m not a perfect grandmother either, and I’m unsure what I can do to help my daughter and grandchildren prepare for the coming storms, but I trust that whatever comes, love for others and for this wondrous and beautiful world and universe are what will matter most in the years ahead.





26 thoughts on “I Remember …/ A Reblog

      1. Thank you, Carol, my best wished to you as well!

        This poem, at the time Linda gave it to me, kept me breathing during those difficult times. A day never went by that I didn’t read and contemplate its meaning for me and others.

        And your prose brought this back to mind.

        So thank you, Carol!

        BTW, I am struggling right now, as I know you know, and my anger and frustration is not directed at you or any of the other folks I have come to care about on line.

        My anger is directed at this system.

        Just so you know!

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        1. I did watch the video, Dave, and it helped me understand some of the issues with the recent election from a longer historical frame. It also presents some viable, practical solutions on a local community level.

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        1. There are many reasons for deep fear and sorrow these days. Older wounds may also reawaken. Releasing the pain with tears is an important step in healing. Sending love and hugs to you dear friend ! ❤

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    1. In times like these, I ponder deeper wisdom conveyed in seemingly simple messages, Sha”Tara. Two come to mind, both from Lao Tzu. “The way to do is to be,” and “The Tao person, detached and wise, embraces all as Tao.” Both to me underscore that love, in a broader sense, is an essential foundation for thoughts and actions.

      I should also add that I also believe it’s crucial to look at the issues from a thoughtful, analytical perspective, as Prof. Richard Wolff does in the video embedded in Joann Chateau’s recent post: https://joannchateau.com/2016/11/10/global-capitalism-now-what-the-real-economic-issues-and-the-new-government-november-2016-democracy-at-work/.

      Overcoming the temptation for immediate, emotional reactions is part of the meaning of love to me, but it’s okay with me if we disagree on this.


      1. People have encountered “times like these” many times throughout man’s short history. I agree with you Lao Tzu quotes, and everything, consciously or subconsciously, is a path – a truism. Lorna’s Voice says, “the only antidote for fear is love and compassion.”
        Well, I don’t know about love, that being one of three main “Christian” virtues I’ve completely abandoned as quite useless in today’s world, having become suborned by the Status Quo, but I understand compassion. The compassionate being experiences fear like anyone else, but does not act on it. The compassionate being is self-empowered and detached from emotional waves. That I know. I will check out the link, thanks.

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  1. The thermal shifts, the conditions in which the coming storm developed began years ago. Will we reap the whirlwind, of course we shall. We were led, fed their lies and bled of our credulousness. We are not to blame and yet we shall inevitably blame each other.

    You are right, we must recover delight in all that’s good, nurture it and our compassion. Open our minds to the unthinkable.

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    1. You are a gifted poet, RR. Thank you for your lovely comments. I hope we are able to shift our focus away from blame and seek inclusive, healing solutions even though we may stand alone in the whirlwinds of coming storms.


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