Reflections on the Morning After

Carol A. Hand

It’s a new day and the sun has risen
The sound of morning traffic hums seemingly unperturbed
Students head to school just like any other day
Still, the world feels different
It’s electrically charged with uncertainty


In times of great transition, the old systems tremble
Will we awaken with compassion and reach out to reconcile divisions?
With inquisitiveness to explore new possibilities?
Or allow old patterns to lull us to sleep again
hoping that we will be spared the fear and discomfort
that shifting positionalities and changing times always require?


Only time will tell if we can find the wisdom and strength within
a foundation for embracing others to build inclusive circles of caring
to survive the changes ahead…

A reminder from an earlier era:




16 thoughts on “Reflections on the Morning After

  1. All around us, windows shaking, walls rattling. Dylan’s song should be our new national anthem. As a balm to the divisiveness that has been nurtured, I walk hand in hand with you to create healthy warm inclusive spaces to be in connection. To survive. May it be so.

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    1. Dear Pat, I’m so grateful for your eloquent comments and blessed to walk with you to “create healthy warm inclusive spaces to be in connection.”

      Yes. “May it be so.” Chi miigwetch. ❤


  2. Where I live on Northern Vancouver Island there has been rainstorms and flooding for the past few days… roads were closed, power was out in town and lakes and rivers have been higher than any one has seen… yet last night when my wife and I finally went to bed I noticed the stars had come out. This morning as I dragge myself out of bed to go on, the fog was lifting, and now it’s sunny. So, yes the sun rose, but to what? The line it is drawn and the curse is cast, the times they are a changin…

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    1. The times are changing, Bruce. I sometimes wonder how our ancestors, both indigenous and new arrivals, survived the many challenges they lived through. Part of our inheritance is their tenacity and strength of spirit. I know we both will keep working to forge paths of healing and peace no matter what we have to face. We’re here for our children and grandchildren. We’re here to provide support for each other and cheer each other on even when the waters rise and fog descends. I send you and your family peace and love. ❤


    1. Dear E, it’s such a delight to hear from you! Especially in this place – my online home.

      Working with you was transformative for me, you know. You and David gave me courage to try new creative things. I’m not very skilled at many of them, but nonetheless the skills you helped me develop give me more tools to use to convey important messages (at least messages that are important from my perspective).

      Thank you, dear friend, for your visit and kind words, and for the gifts you helped me discover. You will always be with me in spirit, and I promise to be there for you too. ❤


    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, Real Life. It does help us heal when we remember that we are all connected even in times when there are so many forces that accentuate the superficial differences that invoke fear and divisiveness. ❤

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  3. Difficult times they are…. I watched Don Lemon on CNN yesterday and began to acknowledge (more) how dangerous things could be… Just stay strong America. Things will work out
    Loved reading your thoughts in the shape of a poem dear Carol… Thank you. 😉

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    1. Thank you so much for your always thoughtful comments, Aquileana. Dangerous times also present pressures to awaken and opportunities for transformation that comfort rarely inspires. Let’s hope enough people realize that potential and move forward toward inclusion, wisdom and peace. ❤


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