Reflection – It’s just moments now …

Carol A. Hand

“I … can’t … remember.”

“It’s just moments now.”

“Moments that are no longer connected.”

mom and me off to college

I will remember for you, Mother.

While I’m here.

While I can.

Then someone else will need to remember for me, too.


in loving memory of my mother who died 6 years ago


22 thoughts on “Reflection – It’s just moments now …”

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Robin. Watching someone you love deal with Alzeimer’s is heartbreaking, but there are moments of beauty, love, and laughter, too. I hope you find many of these moments with your mom.

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  1. There is nothing I can add to your words, Carol, or all of these wonderful and touching comments, except to say that I am sorry you and your mother had to suffer through the pain that this terrible disease causes.

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  2. Beautiful, Carol and a wonderful tribute to your mother. I do feel as if we are the torch-bearers for our family – as such I talk often about my grandparents to my son, the little anecdotes, their stories told to me – he will one day be responsible for carrying forth their memories.

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