Reflection – It’s just moments now …

Carol A. Hand

“I … can’t … remember.”

“It’s just moments now.”

“Moments that are no longer connected.”

mom and me off to college

I will remember for you, Mother.

While I’m here.

While I can.

Then someone else will need to remember for me, too.


in loving memory of my mother who died 6 years ago


22 thoughts on “Reflection – It’s just moments now …

  1. I like the concept of moments that are no longer connected. This will help me in understanding my mom’s Alzheimer’s. Thank you, Carol.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Robin. Watching someone you love deal with Alzeimer’s is heartbreaking, but there are moments of beauty, love, and laughter, too. I hope you find many of these moments with your mom.

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  2. So powerful in its simplicity. I felt this deeply and I especially appreciate the way that you address the transition to becoming an ancestor. Gratitude.

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  3. There is nothing I can add to your words, Carol, or all of these wonderful and touching comments, except to say that I am sorry you and your mother had to suffer through the pain that this terrible disease causes.

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  4. Beautiful, Carol and a wonderful tribute to your mother. I do feel as if we are the torch-bearers for our family – as such I talk often about my grandparents to my son, the little anecdotes, their stories told to me – he will one day be responsible for carrying forth their memories.

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