Reflections – Friday, August 19, 2016

Carol A. Hand

A morning visitor, just my speed
for ample macro focusing time
A little slug looking for an early feed
as it secretes its trail of shimmering slime.


A little creature much maligned
I admit I’m guilty of this, it’s true.
I know I honestly wouldn’t mind
if you only ate weeds instead of feasting on my gardens, too.

This year I’ve tried something new
to help you know what’s not in bounds
I routinely circle my gardens to deter your crew
with carefully spread coffee grounds.


It seems to work for you and me
We’re able to coexist peacefully…


31 thoughts on “Reflections – Friday, August 19, 2016

  1. I will certainly try your deterrent, Carol. I wouldn’t hurt them for the world. I put cat food out for the hedgehogs that visit every night [four of them at present]. The cat food is all eaten but the slugs remain!! So obviously hedgehogs prefer cat food to slugs!!

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    1. It is a challenge to deal with them, Izzy. Last year, they devastated my vegetable gardens. My tomatoes were all bitten, and the bean and green pepper plants were skeletons. This year, I was tempted to use chemicals, but just couldn’t do it. And then, someone told me about coffee grounds. So far, it’s worked.

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  2. Egg shells if you’ve got them crumbled and placed around each plant. heheheheh Good for soil and bad for their delicate feet. I know they can be devastating but I do have a soft spot for these guys.

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    1. I’m grateful for the helpful advice, Debra, and not surprised to hear that you “have a soft spot” for them. They do play an important role as composters 🙂


  3. I love that! I can’t kill anything, I save wasps when they fly into my sitting room, I couldn’t kill a slug, they occasionally trip into my kitchen and have slug parties. I pick their sticky bodies up and place them outside somewhere safe. I de-flea my dog and feel sad about that. I am a hopeless case. Xx

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    1. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts, David. I send thoughts of steady, healing rain to you, the rains that make the earth abundant for humans and for our slug relatives as well. 🙂


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