Reflections – Sunday, July 31, 2016

Carol A. Hand

I try to avoid main stream media news (MSM), especially during campaign times. Lies and vituperative ad hominem attacks are just a total energy drain and waste of time. Yet this repeating mantra about “Russians hacking the Democratic National Committee computers” is ridiculous and inane. It’s also incredibly dangerous.

Why should we care that someone, anyone, assured that the public had hard evidence to support what they already knew, and of course, should know? “The whole system is corrupt.” When the MSM promote a dominant narrative about an external enemy meddling in our “democracy” to promote fear in order to make one candidate more appealing than another, it’s time to question. It’s time to speak out.

Recently, anti-Russia and anti-China narratives have been a frequent theme in the news, so it’s not surprising to see the not-so-cold-war with Russia once again looming. A perfect setting for the two lead presidential contenders. Neither of them is championing a path to peace.

Of course, this isn’t new. It’s now just so blatantly obvious. Sadly, after decades of public education that teaches students to memorize discrete (meaningless) facts so they can pass standardized tests, too many may not remember enough history to detect the propaganda.

I remember other times when the voices of poets and singers once rang so clear. Here’s one I listened to last night: “With God on Our Side,” by Bob Dylan.



I know this is not an upbeat post, but for the sake of all we hold dear, we need to pay attention and act in whatever ways we can to promote sanity, compassion and peace.



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  1. Good post. Non-upbeat times require non-upbeat comments. I’ve been practicing “non-violent non-cooperation” against the System for many decades. That includes no TV or lamestream media; no reading of ads or paying any attention to billboards; and definitely mocking the political puppets (who, if they were Pinocchio would have woody noses so long you’d need chainsaws to get anywhere near) pretending to be real and not voting. Voting means agreeing. It’s impossible to vote “against” something, as Mr. B S tried to get his “followers” to do by supporting Killary against the Donald. Since people already know the process is rigged, the best option is to withdraw, and publicize this effort. Let people know, “I am not voting, and because…”

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  2. Totally off topic but i am very curious…. How do you get a copyright on your material? Would the copyright include all works written by you. I feel i should do the sane but don’t know how.

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  3. “I know this is not an upbeat post, but for the sake of all we hold dear, we need to pay attention and act in whatever ways we can to promote sanity, compassion and peace.’

    It’s a much needed and spot on post, Carol. There is a time for everything under heaven, as a wise man once said, and too many of us are still solely focused on the upbeat, while ignoring the lies and atrocities that are threatening all of us and devastating poor people all over this planet.

    We are witnessing a sordid chess match between psychopaths who control both the west’s and east’s political pieces. And if these psychos are not careful, it could mean the end for all of us and this planet. The cold war was a cakewalk in comparison to where all of us stand now!

    This needs to be stated over and over again, and hopefully then, more Americans will begin to awaken from their “exceptional”, “self-actualized” stupor!

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  4. Thanks for sharing your reflections, Carol, however, non-upbeat they may be. Truth isn’t always upbeat.

    Your featured song by Bob Dylan is a perfect choice for our times. Sad how relevant it remains. His lyrics are a testament to the history of violence in America’s rise to nationhood and world power. “With guns in their hands / And God on their side.”

    “I’ve learned to hate Russians / All through my whole life.” So did I. So did all peoples fed on the anti-communist narrative. As Bob Dylan notes and as you remind us, we have to pay attention to and question the narrative that we’re being fed.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and eloquent comments, Rosaliene. You have quoted the most potent lines in Dylan’s song, and as you point out, it does remain relevant today. It’s deeply troubling to witness how the history of violence and imperialism continues to repeat.

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  5. It’s my understanding that when the DNC was confronted about their source about the Russians hacking their computers, they said they heard it on CNN. This is one thing I really like about New Zealand. Our news programs occasionally carry updates about the US elections but they are very brief and only occur 1-2 times a month.

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  6. “…we need to pay attention and act in whatever ways we can to promote sanity, compassion and peace.” Amen! Thanks for your thoughtful post.

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  7. Oh, Carol. We live in crazy times, with self important, dangerous “leaders” and frightened citizens. So familiar…… I think my dad was hopeful, when he died about 10 years ago, that things had finally changed….

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        1. So true, Michael. I remember the blessed past days of innocence when it was possible to simply live without fear or deep sadness. It may be folly to believe other alternatives are still possible, but I much prefer it a world lacking in hope, love, and compassion…


  8. Very thoughtful post Carol. Things will not change if we refuse to look inward. A month ago the Chilcot report was released in the UK. It questioned the UK’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003. It was a scathing report underlining lies by politicians to justify the invasion of Iraq. It made big news in Canada and the UK, but in the US it was barely mentioned. Instead the news was filled with the asinine banter and insults between Trump and Clinton. Like Michael said, we live in crazy times. My father used to sing, With God on Our Side on our trips into the bush. Take care. Bob

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    1. Your father sounds like an amazing role model, Bob. (I can’t even imagine my father listening to Dylan – ever.) Media in the US have certainly been pivotal in presenting a circus rather than substantive information that would help us all make wiser decisions. It’s one of the many reasons why I’m so grateful for the blogosphere…


  9. Carol – thanks so much for this post, and speaking the truth on the powers that be. The Dylan song “With God on Our Side” and the montage illustrate so powerfully, as you say “the whole system is corrupt.” I recall Jean Vanier once saying that one most important thing our education system should teach us, is to be people of peace. So sadly, it has done the complete opposite. And though the post is not upbeat, it is real. We will save the upbeat moments for those special times with our children and grandchildren, and not bury our head in the sand to the terrible truths, past and present – Bruce

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and consistently beautiful messages of peace, Bruce. I agree that we need to see and share the truth of our times for the sake of all children and grandchildren. ❤


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