Reflections II – Monday, July 18, 2016

Carol A. Hand

Photography: Big – A Point of View

WP big 1

You may think of me as cute and tiny
Not even as tall as your knee
But I assure you size is relative
I’m as big as I want to be

WP big 2

Next to an ant, I’m a giant
Though not so next to a tree
But a word of warning, I bite
Disrespect me, and you’ll surely see

WP big 4

WP big 6

My bite is bigger than my bark
Because cute isn’t taken seriously
But if you treat me with big dog respect
I promise to love you deliriously

WP big 5


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13 thoughts on “Reflections II – Monday, July 18, 2016

  1. Hi Carol, loved the poem and photos. He sure looks like a good dog and why shouldn’t he demand respect. Been enjoying your photos. If you don’t mind I will share my observation. You are a documentary photographer, you want to share and tell a story with the photograph. I consider myself the same kind of photographer. The story or showing is more important than anything else. Keep up the good work. Bob

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    1. Yes, he is a good dog. He came with the name “Pinto,” emphasizing the importance of his “cuteness” to those who encouraged him to develop not-so-cute “small dog syndrome” behaviors. Then, he was abandoned by a number of owners before he came here more than 2 years ago. He is calm and peaceful now, and although sometimes mischievous, he is delightful company.

      I also want to thank you so much for your comments, Bob. I respect your work and am in awe of the beauty and skill I see in your photos. I didn’t realize that I use photography (and words) to tell a story, “what is,” from different perspectives. I’m deeply grateful for your feedback and words of encouragement. 🙂


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