Photography – Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Carol A. Hand

I decided to try a creative outlet, other than writing, as I edit the next 75 percent of my 400-plus page book manuscript. I’ve enrolled in a WordPress University Course, Photography: Developing your Eye!

This is my first assignment – Day One: “Home” – Get Oriented

I live in the city and neighbors tend to share close space, although my closest neighbors are not what one might expect. The “home” where I prefer to spend most of my non-writing time is in the garden. But it’s also home to many others.

WP 1 garden gate

Back Gate to My Front Garden – My “Outside Home”

WP wasp nest 1

“Home” for my busy wasp neighbors, under the eave just inside of the garden gate. (It’s barely visible on the left side of the first photo.) Even though the nest is close to the sidewalk, the wasps are not aggressive and are beneficial in many ways. We have lived a peaceful coexistence in past years, so here’s to another year.

WP bird nest 1

“Home” for an early spring neighbor who opted to find a safer place to live. (Visible on the right side of the first photo)

(Photos taken with a Sony Cyber-Shot Camera)


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24 thoughts on “Photography – Tuesday, July 12, 2016

  1. Now just get your varmints to pay rent! Ok, maybe they really aren’t true varmints but friends that trade work for rent. Oh well, what can you do with your wayward family anyway?

    Seems like a fun project.

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  2. Carol, the course sounds very interesting. How many weeks does it run? I look forward to seeing more of your assignments and a good change from writing. Thank you for introducing us to your home – atmospheric photos and great to meet the neighbours! We have wasps nests around the holiday home in Sweden – after all these years we’ve only once had trouble when they started to swarm otherwise a peaceful co-existence. So you write in the garden…that sounds idyllic. Do you write by hand then?

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    1. Thank you for your question and comments, Annika. 🙂

      Here’a a link to the WP post that lists courses: (They begin when you enroll, and this one lasts 10 days.)

      I appreciate hearing your story about the wasps nests at your summer home. So far, the weather has often been rainy and cool, and less likely to give them cause to swarm. Here’s hoping they remain peaceful neighbors…

      In the short growing season here, the garden is my escape from writing, or more aptly, my balance. I can gaze at it from the south-facing windows by my computer. This year, I’ve often gazed at the storms and hard rains, grateful for the few warmer sunny days in between to escape to the garden.

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      1. Carol, thank you for posting the link and this is definitely something I might try after the holidays. I too find solace in my garden; my study overlooks it and the top of the trees from other gardens. Walking it also a great break from writing and gives ideas a chance to flow. Yep, summer most odd this year…fingers crossed for some sunny warmth soon.

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  3. I thought you took that picture of the bird’s nest in my backyard. Same down spout, same nest! Good idea with the photography. A different creative outlet can only open more veins of creativity to be mined.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Bernadette. 🙂

      I hope your bird was able to move in for the season. With two (sweet and lovely) feral cats in my neighborhood, I’m glad the bird who built the nest here found a safer home. (The cats prefer hunting even though many of the neighbors put out food for them.)

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    1. Thank you for your lovely blessing, Michael. Your comment reminds me of my visit to Hawaii. I have hundreds of photos of the ocean before and after dolphins jumped…


  4. Wow, Carol, another avocation, and you were already multi-talented! Good for you in peacefully co-existing with the wasps. We human beans should take note, and try harder with our fellow beans.

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  5. When I first followed you I hunted for photos of your garden. There were few… Looking forward to many more! You will tune into things visual differently from before. Great start!

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  6. Hiya Carol, It’s great that your cracking on with the coarses! – I have just started a little 5 day warm up one which is “commenting basics” where I have to create more in depth comments on interesting blogs. How am I doing? – also how are you getting on with your coarse up to now?

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    1. Thank you for your visit and comments, Dave. I applaud your willingness to reach out to strangers in the blogging world to build meaningful connections. WP does offer important opportunities and I’m grateful to hear you’ve embarked on this journey with the “commenting basics” course. You’re doing a great job so far! I send my best wishes to you. 🙂


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