Reflection – Sunday, June 19, 2016

Carol A. Hand

Let me look deep enough
to see the sacred spark of life
deep within
now masked on the surface
by a protective covering
forged from fear and suffering

I would prefer to shift my gaze
yet we’ve met for some reason
beyond my ken
Perhaps if I can see deeply enough
we’ll be able to unlock our hearts
to joy and love again

If you see your inner beauty
reflected back by
loving eyes
maybe we’ll both awake
and feel our joyful peaceful spirits


Photo: Reflection (Pixabay)

For some of the neighbors and colleagues I’ve encountered


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25 thoughts on “Reflection – Sunday, June 19, 2016

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  1. Oh, Carol, this brought tears to my eyes, and I’m almost at a loss for words. Wow and wow again! This is so incredibly beautiful and insightful and profound! You have such a great and loving heart, and it comes from the great suffering you’ve endured. For it is said that our souls must be gouged out, like the wood of a violin, so that they can make the sweetest and truest of sounds. What a blessing on this Sabbath are your thoughts and words. Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂 ❤

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  2. Such profound truth, Carol!

    To connect with the “Other” is to expose our souls; to become vulnerable. Such is the nature of unconditional love. If loving others was easy, hatred would find no space to seed and grow.

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    1. Thank you for your kindness and crucial insights, Rosaliene. It’s not easy to allow one’s self to be vulnerable in the presence of others, especially those who don’t appear to have empathy! But as you point out, how else can we give love the “space to seed and grow” within ourselves and others?

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  3. As I was checking my email before heading off to work I saw a notice that you had another blog post. My first thought was that I didn’t have enough time to relish it. To read through it slowly. But I really wanted to give it a peak. So glad I did. Thanks so much for the smile’s.

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