Reflections – Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Carol A. Hand

Last night, fierce winds blew as thunder rumbled and hard rain pounded the roof. I awoke to yet another cold, dark, rainy morning as a different song played in my thoughts. As you can imagine, it wasn’t light and lovely like yesterday’s song. But I realized both light and dark are a crucial balance.

stormy sky 2

Although I would love to escape the brutality of the world at the moment by living forever in a flowery fantasy world, I tried that once (or more like thousands of times) and it didn’t work. We all carry both inside us so it’s best to be honest and develop the strength we need to maintain balance.

These are the words the song inspired:

When the strong winds blow and the hard rains pound
We’ll need inner strength to stand our ground
But then, why would one expect the winds of change to be gentle?
It will take all of us to awake to truths that are fundamental
We need to remember we’re not alone
We need to love enough until it’s our time to go home
Until that day there’s much we can do
Living simply and kindly, allowing our inner light to shine true

And here is the song that inspired these reflections, A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall (by Bob Dylan, sung by Joan Baez)

It seems that these days, songs are often playing in my thoughts. I even pulled out my guitar yesterday and sang. Who knows what tomorrow will bring…


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24 thoughts on “Reflections – Wednesday, June 15, 2016

  1. Wow, does this take me back. It has been so long since I’ve listened to Joan Baez and her music. Like you, I’d love to hideaway in my garden forever and leave the world and its cruelty and heinous acts behind. But ya know, Carol, we’ve been given a voice and a task to help one another keeps our heads lifted up in the face of all that comes against us. And sweet lady yours is a compassionate and powerful force for good and change. So tarry we shall from the cold hard rains every now and again, but raises our voices to bring light at some point in time again we must! Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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  2. I believe many of us are feeling the same fears, the same dread, because we sense something has changed in the world, and radically so. I believe many of us sense that the extreme ills of this world are not going away this time, and that we must do something to make them go away.

    I don’t know, Carol. There is something different about today, and I don’t know if it is this world and the times we are living in, or if it is my old age creeping up on me?

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    1. I agree, Dave. The world feels different. A few days ago, I remembered a dream I had decades ago ( I found myself wondering if I have the will and energy to face the brutal storms ahead. The bold and blatant MSM lies and manipulation worry me. How will the hyper-militarized police respond to the riots that are surely going to erupt during this farce of an election thanks to MSM propaganda? The police and military have already been openly murdering citizens and others here and everywhere with impunity. Will US riots be an excuse to impose martial law? Or will it be the next major “natural” disaster?

      I don’t have any answers, Dave, except to say thank you for voicing your honest insights and feelings. Holding hope and light when the hard rains threaten to fall “don’t come easy,” especially for those of us who are battle-weary. I’m grateful to you for your honesty, advocacy, and friendship and I send my best wishes.

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      1. Thank you, Carol! Your words, as always, bring reason and peace to my soul.

        An old friend and I were talking about these issues the other night, and the one word that kept coming up was INSANITY.

        As the words of this song point out, we should be prepared to take the bad with the good.

        Or as a lyric I used on another of your posts, a year or two ago, states:

        “Rejoice! Rejoice! We have no choice but to carry on!”

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  3. I enjoyed your poem inspired by, and who would not be, the Bob Dylan song presented so mesmerisingly by Joan Baez. Your tone is sombre and melancholic, Carol, probably by unsettling turn of events played out with alarming frequency at many parts of our finite world of many evils and few graces. After all, we have to hold our ground as you rightly put it. Let us, without losing infinite hope, continue to do so.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful, eloquent comments, Raj. I appreciate your astute observations about melancholy and your reminder that hope is especially crucial in times like these.


  4. Yes, its awful, isn’t it? There are times when I feel completely hopeless and just want to turn my back on it all and just do my thing in complete disregard to the insanity and cruelty of this world and its people. Even those among whom I live and who are my closest ‘friends’ shock me in the degree to which, despite all of my gentle protestations and appeals to reason, they continue to allow themselves to be affected by the propaganda of hate, the ‘war propaganda’ constantly saturating the media to which ‘they expose themselves’ and by which, unwittingly, they become bewitched.

    Just yesterday, I had a couple of friends over and I virtually lost my composure as one of the individuals, who is a woman and an expat from France, started to spout the line about the barbarity of all Muslims and Arabs, about their inherent barbarity, and on and on, until I could no longer suppress my disgust and nausea at her appalling ignorance and bigotry, and I just laid into her, not a thing to which I am normally easily aroused, but this time I couldn’t help myself, and the thing that really broke me open, so to speak, was that some months ago we had had this conversation and she had then seemed alerted to the manner in which her simplistic perceptions were really the result of being manipulated and propagandized by an establishment that is literally taking us to war. And yet less than a few months later, that awareness which then seemed to have emerged was once again completely submerged. And the thing is that this complete lack of resistance to the propaganda seems to be the rule quite literally among everyone I know, people who are presumptively well educated and should know better, or who at least actually possess the intellectual wherewithal to think their way past the bullshit if only they made even the laziest of efforts. It’s really (a four letter expletive) depressing. Increasingly, my faith in humanity, it seems, has never been as low as it is. People don’t seem be able to learn even to consolidate and preserve in their minds the cognitive integrity of insights to which, if one is to judge them by what they speak, the clearly occasionally arise. They ‘get it’ one day, and the next it’s like the thought that they had so incisively formulated and seemingly held was suddenly and utterly beyond them, a complete antithesis to everything that they had ever and would ever believe.

    As I recently wrote to Dave (Sojourner),

    “Culture, as a phenomenon onto itself and over against conscious human intention, is truly a frightening fact of life . . . Often I despair that we will ever master this ‘thing’ that lives through us as if with a will of its own: blind, capricious, dangerous and unreasoning . . . I think the existentialists, with their emphasis on the apparent irrationality inherent to human existence, were on to something . . .

    Yes, sometimes I really am on the verge of just giving up entirely . . . Yes, sometimes indeed it is a very hard rain . . .



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    1. Thank you for sharing such important comments, Norman. I promise to answer in a thoughtful way after the severe storms pass over. I need to put down tobacco and sign off the computer.


  5. I have found something that helps when I’m ready to give up these days. It helps me remember that I’m only responsible for saying or doing what feels right and true. What other people do in response is outside of my control. That doesn’t mean I won’t try other ways to communicate, but still it’s the doing that matters, not the outcome. I often have to repeat a Tao saying to help – “The Tao person, detached and wise, Embraces all as Tao.” I try to work on my own thoughts and actions and trust that others are learning what they need to know in their own time and manner.

    I know you know this, and I was delighted to read about your motor cycle maintenance and upcoming road trip. In these times, it’s important to get away from the craziness sometimes 🙂

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