Saturday, May 28, 2016 – Morning Fog

Carol A. Hand

Morning fog enshrouds what has become my world
intensifying sound and silence and limiting vision
forcing me to listen deeply
and see only what is both within and near

When enfolded by things I have no power to change
it seems to be the wisest choice
to focus on connectedness and possibilities
rather than on the fear and sadness of illusory divisions
knowing that the fog will clear once its embrace
has softened the imaginary boundaries between us



Photo: The Fog by Ian Furst (Wikipedia)


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21 thoughts on “Saturday, May 28, 2016 – Morning Fog

  1. I haven’t been on WP or even writing much lately and your blog is the first place I came to visit, Carol. Don’t know why, yet reading this and the way it touched me, almost to tears, says I needed it/you today. ❤

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    1. It’s always heartening to hear from you, Mandy. Thank you for your visit and thoughtful comments. You have been in my thoughts lately. Like you, I haven’t posted often of late, but I did notice your absence. I send you love and my best wishes ❤

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  2. Carol, Flawlessly written. The poem gives a mesmerizing feeling like the fog. I particularly like the idea of the fog erasing the lines of difference between people.

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