For a Friend

Carol A. Hand

Some days, I need to remember peaceful, hopeful moments. I suspect others do as well. Difficult times are valuable teachers, but the peaceful moments help us find the balance and hope we need to process what we learn. I’m sharing a poem I wrote about one of those moments.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A peaceful mid-day moment
on an early May day
birds singing and children at play
puffy clouds seemingly perched
on the western ridge not far away
the winds gently caressing budding trees
the temperature just right for busy bees
But it’s time for me to get busy too
holding this memory of peaceful beauty as I do


A recent post by my friend, Silvia Di Blasio, inspired me to reread this poem today and remember one of those moments. Wishing you all peaceful moments.


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    1. Thank you for continuing to share your deep, honest, and thought-provoking insights, Silvia. Someone needs to raise the important questions, and you do so with great courage, wisdom, and eloquence.

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