Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Carol A. Hand

This is the song that was ringing in my thoughts when I awoke this morning. Singing for Our Lives by Holly Near brings back many memories. And it reminds me that raising our voices in song and harmony is the most effective way to build a future of peace and inclusion.

We are a gentle, angry people
and we are singing, singing for our lives

We are a justice-seeking people
and we are singing, singing for our lives

We are young and old together
and we are singing, singing for our lives

We are a land of many colors
and we are singing, singing for our lives

We are gay and straight together
and we are singing, singing for our lives

We are a gentle, loving people
and we are singing, singing for our lives
(Holly Near – And Still We Sing: The Outspoken Collection Album)

My thoughts turned to gratitude to my daughter who works to raise awareness and bring people together across differences.

A & J

Duluth, MN – 2015 – My daughter and granddaughter – Black Lives Matter Demonstration


Duluth, MN 2016 – My daughter is the tiny woman standing in middle


Duluth, MN, 2016 – My granddaughter – an advocate in training

Wishing us all a hopeful outcome on this Super Tuesday.

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35 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 1, 2016

  1. Great song. We should all keep singing. And holding hands. And hugging. We’re all in the Life together. We need to recognize and embrace this reality and start living accordingly.
    Although I don’t know your daughter, it was because of comments she made on a mutual friend’s Facebook page that I was eventually led to find you here in the Margins. I continue to read your less frequent posts, but haven’t been commenting because I’m too busy being political, hoping and striving towards a future we can believe in. In your last photo, I was sitting a little to the left of the flag in the upper left.

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    1. It’s always good to hear from you, Carl, and I’m grateful to know you have been busy working “towards a future we can believe in.” There really isn’t anything more important that we can do 🙂

      It is a small world, isn’t it. I’m glad you found this blog, and I’m sorry I can’t see you in the photo – I guess you’re on the margins, too.

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      1. That lamp is my inner, enlightened self, somewhere beneath the superficial. It’s a reminder for me. Some years back, I was given the spiritual name Siraj-al-Haqq which is Arabic for Lamp of Truth. It’s representative of a recognition and realization of an inner quality to be uncovered, developed and manifested in this material world, an ideal to strive towards. If you were on Facebook, you’d be able to see more of the superficial, hopefully with some of the inner Light shining through.
        Because the inner essence of who we are is of greatest significance, it is the superficial that is on the margins, yet that tends to put the superficial in greatest prominence because it shrouds the essence from view and effectiveness. So, in a sense, this makes all of us marginal beings. It would be much better if many more would become less marginal and more essential by allowing their inner Light to shine forth more clearly and brightly to help illuminate our world. It appears to me that you’re doing a pretty good job of doing just that through your various works. So, thank you for all your good work in our world. 🙂

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        1. Thank you for sharing such beautiful reflections about meaning and the purpose of life, Carl. I love your Arabic name – certainly a goal for all of us to work toward. (My daughter’s name is Sanskrit for Wisdom – Knowledge.)

          Your words remind me of a song by Si Kahn – “it’s not just what you’re given, but what you do with what you’ve got.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTHrokCKsrE

          I send my thanks and best wishes 🙂

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  2. Oh my god. This brought tears to my eyes. Tears for what could be, tears that I dare still hope. Hope for a world with clean air, clean water, clean soil; hope for a world in which differences are valued not feared; hope for a world that does not prosper on hate and fear.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Juan. I just did my part to help him get there by voting in our caucus this evening. And there were thousands of people from my neighborhood still waiting in line to vote!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, David. I am grateful for the caring people my daughter and grandchildren have become. And I’m grateful for Holly’s music even at a distance 🙂


  3. Gentle, angry people singing. Took me back to the first time I heard that magic song when a group of us was protesting the buildup of nuclear arsenals outside the fenced and prickly borders of a local high tech company, Lytton Industries. It was dark. Singing that moving piece outside in the dark made it stronger. It was the 80’s, I’m sure. Now it seems we are sleepwalking toward a scary future and crowdfunding has replaced putting our bodies on the line. Trade deals have been signed that, if they are ratified, will destroy the value of democracy to change our world. I worked very hard in our last election (for the first time! For my own grandchildren) to get rid of Stephen Harper in Canada and replace him with a minority government that would bring in real change. We now are in jeopardy and wholly dependent on another majority government who won in an unexpected landslide and seem to be intent on signing these crippling trade deals and are wishywashy on proportional representation, “real change” which would not have given them a majority in Parliament.

    Chris Hedges believes that only mass civil disobedience has a hope of changing anything for real in the states the only place, facing facts, that matters as the sole remaining superpower.

    Hilary Clinton has just received the official support of the neocon, Robert Kaplan, one of those two key back room boys in the Project for the New American Century responsible for the 2003 Iraq war being launched under false pretences, who quietly has been advising her foreign policy over the recent years. You may remember his wife, Victoria Nuland, her person in charge of the Ukraine Coup, caught using the phrase “Fuck the EU.” in a leaked phone call to the US ambassador to the Ukraine two weeks before the elected government fell. She was selecting Yats in advance as leader of the current junta. The sad, unstable, NAZI influenced and US-dominated Ukraine (and other border states) is being used as a pawn to put a military and propaganda/sanctions stranglehold on Russia, simply for regime change reasons. Our own public broadcaster the CBC, is shamefully neck deep in this, as are the mainstream media in all western pseudo-democracies.

    I write little on my blog these days. I wore out my thousand-mile socks in what may turn out to be a lost cause – campaigning for Justin Trudeau. It was all I could do because of our broken FPTP electoral process. Voting or working for the Green Party or our social democratic party, the NDP, would not have elected their candidates and re-elected Harper. I fear we have just changed faces on the puppet. Hope I’m wrong.

    I did not expect to turn this positive response to such a wonderful song into another, characteristically negative, rant. Sorry. Guess you see now my not so gentle, but suppressed, anger and hopelessness up close. It poisons my heart and bears no tangible fruit.

    When the non-violent marches start my body and heart, if still healthy, will be there. Right now we in the West are all still asleep, The success of Trump up until now shows how effective the media war on intelligence, balance and truth has been.

    I will now take a glance at Super Tuesday, just for old time’s sake…

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    1. Thank you for sharing such crucial information and insights, Bob. It is a truly depressing time. I can say my state (Minnesota) looks like it might stand with Bernie. And there were hundreds, perhaps thousands in line to vote in my neighborhood this evening. But his chances of winning the democratic party nomination are really, really slim.

      I won’t, in good conscience, be able to vote for Hillary. My guess is I’m not alone in the feeling. Sadly, that may will mean a republican win, but that’s what Hillary is really, only not honest enough to claim it.

      But Holly Near’s song still gives me hope. I think I’ll pull out my guitar tomorrow and see if I can write a song I can sing to greet each morning. Or maybe you can send me one 🙂

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      1. I have a suggestion. It’s a song I listen to during my simple Tai Chi. Pi’s Lullaby. It’s not in English but is singularly peaceful. If you saw the movie, Pi’s Lullaby

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        1. Unfortunately:
          “01 – Pi’s Lullaby (Life…” The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.”

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        2. You’re welcome. Thank you for the quick updating of that link. I found it interesting, although it didn’t really speak to me very strongly, but that’s just me.

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        3. For me, it just works and it is perfectly timed for my Tai Chi 24 set. That sort of thing is very personal. I know what you mean. Thanks for your involvement!

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  4. Thanks to YOU, Carol! Your lovely, hopeful post on your granddaughter and Near’s song reminded my about why I still care, and the source of my own, somewhat dim, hope. I like Bernie, too, but my health dictates that I ignore the TV news. “Stay on the neocon message Crap.” Makes my blood boil and my lips curl… Super Tuesday wasn’t so super for our species. Turned on CNN for 5 minutes. Robert Kaplan, George Soros, et al. will be pleased – or are they pausing to understand the monster they have created?

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