It’s Only a Photo

Carol A. Hand

Another funny photo frozen in time
I have years of picture IDs
To preserve these memories of mine
Of bad hair days and silly expressions
So much for first and lasting impressions


Image: Ahma – Ava’s Picture (5)

I don’t have the newest copy yet
So it’s not available to share
But when it arrives I know I’ll laugh
I’ve grown too old and wise to care

I prefer my granddaughter’s pictures, a better me
Images that preserve through time a loving legacy

ava picture of ahma 2

Image: Ahma – Ava’s picture (7)

This is an ode for the DMV employee who asked if I wanted him to take another photo yesterday. He was incredulous when I thanked him but said “no.” And then he smiled.


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26 thoughts on “It’s Only a Photo

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, Rosaliene. Ava was so excited to share this picture with me. It’s now prominently displayed on my refrigerator with many of her other works and her brother’s photos. They’re among the first things I see every morning.

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