The Winds of Winter

Carol A. Hand

Greeting the morning while shoveling new snow
Fine frozen flakes swirl and dance through the air
As blustery northwest winds continue to blow
Re-filling the path as if no one had passed there


Photo: February 2014



Photo: February 2016

I wonder if this is a metaphor for life at its best
The things we say and do travel as they will
We have no control where they finally come to rest
Or what legacy we may leave when the winds of life grow still

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13 thoughts on “The Winds of Winter

      1. Yes. I always loved their music. Wayward Son is another favorite.

        But is dust truly who and what we are? Or have we been conditioned/programmed to believe this?

        I believe, and I would imagine you do as well, that we are much more than just dust to be blown here and there by the wind.

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        1. Absolutely! “Let It Be”;-)

          “We are stardust, We are Golden, and We have to get ourselves back to the garden.”

          I was more familiar with CSN and Y’s version of her song.

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