Celebrating the New Year

Carol A. Hand

Shifting perspectives of the place where we live
Sometimes seen through the vantage point of an eagle


Other times seen though a well-traveled windshield as we descend


Winding downward into the working-class side of the city


A quick glimpse of the western ridge that changes with the seasons


Driving through neighborhoods that have perhaps seen more prosperous times


Watching light change with the setting sun, the plowed and shoveled snow in shadow


Into the heart of the city, not always the prettiest of sights


This old home of the Dakota, Ojibwe, was once was the fastest growing city in a new nation


Even though some of us may sleep through part of the journey
Trusting that those who watch over us will keep us safe


We will finally reach our next, temporary destination
Grateful both for the respite and the journey that we’ve shared together

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27 thoughts on “Celebrating the New Year

  1. Cities aren’t my favorite places, Carol, especially when they are fading. But I try to remember that there are rich lives within those graying walls. And you are right that its the journey that counts and this is only a glimpse in time. The future is unknown, so gratefulness in and for the moment is never wasted. ❤

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful reflections, D. Cities aren’t my favorite places, either, yet I am grateful to be closer to family. And even here, it’s possible to to find peaceful moments and opportunities to bring a little peace, kindness, or laughter into the lives of others.

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    1. Thank you, Diane. I have so often wished that I had a camera with me when I’m traveling through town. (Yesterday, as a passenger, I decided to play with my camera to see if it could capture pictures as we moved…)


  2. Ditto to many of the above comments, and thank you for this generous window into some of the places where you wander. I feel closer to you from taking this picture-journey with you. Once, many years ago, I was hitching cross country and got a ride and a conversation from a nice guy–I thought him old at the time; I imagine now that he was our age. I told him that I was headed for the country, that cities weren’t my thing. He responded, gently, that cities are so filled with life; where ideas are born; where diversity flowers, and mostly where subversion begins. I am far more generous with my opinions about cities as a result of that conversation! Thanks again, Carol.

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    1. The depth and beauty of your comments reminds me why I blog, Pat. I have the privilege of learning to see the world through the perspective of others who see miracles even in obscure and ordinary places.
      Thank you for sharing these lovely memories and kind words, Pat.

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  3. What a clever and creative post, Carol. A journey through words and photos that is not always easy, but one we can take together. Happy New Year to you. Looking forward to the wisdom you have to share in 2016!

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