A Simple Dream of Peace and Beauty

Carol A. Hand

This morning I awoke from a strange but peaceful dream
A late-blooming lilac with rich-rose colored flowers stood before me
I turned away for a moment and when I looked at the lilac again
It had transformed into a tree with green-edged golden blooms
Filled with golden birds munching blossoms
I couldn’t tell what kind of birds they were, golden finches or grosbeaks
But the golden blossoms and birds set my heart aglow


Photo: Cassia Fistula (Wikipedia)


Photo: American Goldfinch (Wikipedia)


Photo: Mexican Yellow Grosbeak (Wikipedia)


Photo: Southern Yellow Grosbeak (Wikipedia)


Photo: Evening Grosbeak (Wikipedia)

This dream reminds me that there is still so much beauty in the world

Enough to lighten even the darkest times and the shortest days of a northern December


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14 thoughts on “A Simple Dream of Peace and Beauty

  1. Yes, there is much beauty and wonder in this world, and it, too, deserves its due, not to mention that as a place of necessary respite from all that is truly ugly in this world, it is a source of intellectual and emotional replenishment and nourishment.

    A walk in the woods or a wilderness excursion has always been my cure the blues. The world and life in its profusion and variety are a beautiful mystery to behold. How incredible. How amazing it all is. And to be a creature who can thus be astounded.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, David. It was a strangely vivid dream just before I awoke this morning. (And it was a message I so needed to hear after dealing with distressing topics for many, many days.)


  2. That was a delightful dream, Carol! And I fully agree that there is still so much natural beauty in this world! I’m so grateful I can see it every day right here in my neighborhood. I got to experience the dark northern winter when I visited my dad in Finland recently, but still found lots of beauty there 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, Tiny. Your posts always do portray the beauty and wonder of nature wherever you are – in the Florida marshlands, the Finnish winter, and even from the window of an airplane!

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