The Power of Stories

Carol A. Hand

Our stories can tell us who we are
Or who we want to be
They can reveal our inner thoughts
So even we can see
Do we choose stories that foster fear
Or awaken hope and unity

It’s our power to choose which to believe
Stories can enslave or set us free
They can give us strength in darkest times
And give us a reason to be
They can unlock the secrets of our hearts
Like a magic golden key

golden key

Image: Microsoft Word Clip Art

May your stories continue to unlock peace and joy


Note: This post was inspired by all of the wonderful bloggers whose stories touch my heart and broaden my horizons. Chi miigwetch (Ojibwe thank you very much).


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24 thoughts on “The Power of Stories

    1. Thank you for your always lovely, thoughtful comments, D. I was actually thinking about your stories this morning before I wrote this post. I am in awe of your wondrous imagination, creativity and skill. The characters your create are so alive.

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    1. A very hopeful development, Diane. Thank you so much for sharing this.

      I have often noticed the difference between Canada and the U.S. with respect to their willingness to look critically at Indian child welfare/cultural genocide issues both in policy and research.

      At least in the short term (given Trump and crew), I have very little hope that the US will be open to any type of constructive reconciliation.

      So for now, I’ll just keep writing even though it’s harder on some days than others. (Today’s stories included more destructive consequences of county child welfare interventions. And I wonder if any one will really listen or care…)


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