2015 – A Strange December

Carol A. Hand

I awoke this morning to December rain
The temperature is still well above freezing
Yet Christmas lights glow in the night


Photo: Pulmonaria (Lungwort) – Duluth, MN – December 6, 2015

True, these are the dark days in the northern hemisphere
I can understand the need for light and joy


Photo: Duluth, MN – December 6, 2015

But I remember the years of firelight and candles
The warmth of family gathered round
Now lights on the outside of each lonely house
Merely symbolize the illusion nothing has changed
It’s not a comfort to me to know so few understand


Photo: Phlox – December 6, 2015

Is there hope in politicians who party?
On the left, the Sometimes Prophetic Greens
On the right the Mean-Spirited Obscenes
In the middle the Self(ish) Preservationist In-Betweens


Photo: Columbine – Duluth, MN – December 6, 2015

Still I awake with hope in my heart to do what I can
Live simply, plant gardens, share, be honest but kind
Lead by example – let my house and yard be darker or solar-lit
Let the light of love glow in my thoughts and heart instead
In all seasons for the best of all reasons
The survival of all depends on loving enough
And breathing that spirit into all that we do

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6 thoughts on “2015 – A Strange December

  1. Carol: we’re getting the same weird winter weather here in the southeastern part of British Columbia. And we’re right in the mountains! (Where the glaciers are that feed our watershed.) I grew up in this country and never do I recall such a prolonged period of rainy weather in December. You’d have to be dense not to see climate change at work. Take care.

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    1. I appreciate your comments, Art. It seems to be easier to simply live as though nothing will ever change. The magnitude of tacking global climate change is so overwhelming it’s immobilizing.


  2. Thank you for your lovely comments, D. I’m deeply grateful, especially when I suspect you’re still dealing with floods and perhaps relying on a generator for electricity. I send my best wishes to you and your family.


  3. Oh, Carol, It is so warm here! Frightening and sad. Our friends in India are under water. Friends in Australia facing unbearable heat and drought. One prays and works for change. Your words soothe the rawness of all this. Thanks.

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    1. Changing and unpredictable weather patterns are a serious concern, Michael, as is the media silence about alarming events. Rarely do I see news about India or Australia, or even the flooding and landslides in Oregon and Washington. Yet as you point out, we need to stay focused on what we can do…


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