Reflections about Difference and Oneness

Carol A. Hand


Myopia my blessing
Reveals just what’s near
Things in the distance a blur


Lenses of technology
Make distinctions clear
Illusion of separateness


Others see differently
Both visions are true
Connections and divisions


Colors blending and distinct
Our breath uniting
All the wonders of this world

lake superior sunrise

Photo: Lake Superior Sunrise (photographer, Jnana Hand)

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21 thoughts on “Reflections about Difference and Oneness

  1. Dear Miss Carol, you have a wonderful facility for expressing beautiful ideas in few words. As you know, my old pappy is a scribbler, but he is nowhere as efficient (except, of course, in his own withered mind). Thanks for your positive messages.

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  2. I love how you present the human vision versus the visions we are bombarded with through technology. It gives me some interesting things to think about today. Thank you! And thank you, as always, for bringing your thoughts and words to a close with beautiful visions of hope!

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  3. “Colors blending and distinct
    Our breath uniting
    All the wonders of this world”
    ~ Love the way you express our difference and oneness. I look forward to the day when we realize how truly interconnected we are with all of life on this planet.

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