Remembering River Teeth

Carol A. Hand

As I sat on my back step this morning to greet the day, I saw a young girl walking down the alley. I often see her walking toward the high school in the morning, even though she looks so young. She’s often looking down as she walks. Today was no different. As she passed, hands pulled into the sleeves of her hooded sweatshirt, I sent her blessings in my thoughts and wondered how many people send blessings to the children they see passing.

I thought about the way people who live on the eastside of my town speak of children in my poorer neighborhood. And I remember the father who spoke enthusiastically about the excellence of the grade school at the end of the alley I live on, even though community members on the other side of town disparage it. He was so proud of how much his daughter had learned in her first year there – a delightful child eager to share the books she had read and proud of her artwork.

LM school november 2015

Photo: November 23, 2015

I can see the grade school clearly these days because the leaves of the bushes that blocked my view in other seasons have fallen. I send the children, teachers, and parents blessings in my thoughts as well. And I remember an old post about a neighbor who blessed my life as a child.


Recently, I have been reflecting on what I would identify as the “river teeth” of my life thus far. River teeth, according to David James Duncan (2006), are the hard resinous knots that are all that remain after the softer wooden fibers of pine trees have been dissolved by the river waters into which they have fallen. Applied to life, they are the memories that remain decades later as transformative experiences and epiphanies. Continue reading …


I hope I will always remember to take the time to send out blessings to others in my thoughts…

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14 thoughts on “Remembering River Teeth

  1. What a lovely post, Carol. I too am in the habit of sending blessings to family, friends, neighbors and all of the children I know and see; and I too have surely been the recipient of many blessings sent to the Lord on my behalf over the years (especially when I was young). There were many adults to encourage, inspire and support me on my journey. So many hurting and helpless young people out there in need our prayers, love, kindness, encouragement and support. I’m praying for ‘your’ children too and sharing your timely post… Blessings to you and your family too! ❤ Bette

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  2. Very moving, Carol! How beautiful the examples of caring people (in the linked post) who did “simple things” that made an incredible positive difference in your and others’ lives. These are indeed the kinds of things that “Thanksgiving Day” should be about, and not just on one day! I’m not surprised that you are one of those blessing-senders. 🙂 There are indeed many people sending quiet prayers like this for people we pass, when we hear sirens, etc. etc. 🙂 Thanks be to God, and wishing you a very warmly blessed time of Thanksgiving. ❤

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  3. Oh what a great thing to do, Carol. I’ve done that on occasion but now I think I shall make a habit of doing it every day. Where would any of us be without the blessings of others in our lives! Every now and then when I go through the drive through at a Starbuck’s, I’ll pay the the car behind me. One morning as I drove off the car I’d paid for caught up with me at the traffic light and rolled down his window to thank me and tell that I had just made his day. I felt good about that for days. Thanks for sharing this and may be be blessed as you in turn bless others. Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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  4. This is beautiful, Carol. I don’t do it nearly enough. Thank you for a reminder of how important it is to send a special blessing to others. ❤

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