Listen Deeply

Carol A. Hand

Listen deeply to the world around you
You’ll hear both joy and pain
Listen deeply to what’s within
Find your balance once again

Take a moment to reflect
It’s been ever so through time
Generosity and cruelty coexist
Happiness and suffering intertwine

Remember the old adage
“The best way to do is to be”
Give thanks for this instant
And the beauty you’re able to see

A blue jay chasing a squirrel
The sounds of traffic passing near
The song of the wind chimes in the breeze
The sights and sounds of life right here


Photo: “Blue Jay with Peanut” (Wikipedia)

Savor these reflective moments
They won’t come again – they’re one of a kind
But these memories of beauty will remain
Forever there, touching your heart and calming your mind


14 thoughts on “Listen Deeply

  1. I firmly believe many of us males, in particular, have lost touch with what you are speaking of in your beautiful prose here. I struggle with this, and I always have to some extent, even when I was young and not yet aware of “my responsibilities as a man.”

    We have been conditioned (all of us) over time, to lose sight of who we are: unique individuals living in a natural world filled with great beauty and life. But men, in particular, have been, for the most part, conditioned (programmed) to see only “the reality” of their situation, to look at the world and life through a black, gray and white vision, where beauty and true life hardly, if ever, exist.

    Just as many women have been programmed to think of themselves as being “weak” and thus in need of being “subservient” to this despotic patriarchal system, most men have been programmed in almost the exact opposite extreme.

    All of us need to throw off these shackles of “tradition” and learn how to be truly free, so we can look past the pain and sorrow and see the beauty.

    I’m trying, but…!

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