Reflections on a Grey November Day

Carol A. Hand

It’s easier for me to write the facts
Than to decipher what I feel
Still, when I look back in time I wonder
What is fantasy and what is real

I think of an Ojiwe man who survived foster care abuse
And struggled to heal through the years
I  later heard that he died young but I didn’t ask how
Although my heart grieves I no longer shed tears

Instead I write about oppression
In everyday past choices
To share peoples’ dreams and suffering
And I try to honor their voices

Today as I greet the mild grey morning
Watching a crow strut as it chatters
I realize that contributing in some small way
To build understanding is what really matters


Photo: A Wise Crow

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15 thoughts on “Reflections on a Grey November Day

  1. “contributing in some small way
    To build understanding is what really matters” – Carol, you always get right to the heart of a matter! Also, your first verse describes perfectly the dilemma of a writer of history, memoir, or just memories. As you work through your process, I’m convinced you will find the right balance. Keep going! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words, Hildegard. I appreciate hearing encouraging words from you – someone who has experienced and overcome the challenges of completing a memoire 🙂

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      1. Carol, you give me too much credit! I do have a poetry book which includes one small but important episode of my life, but as for “memoire” – oooh, that’s a big word; I have so many bits and pieces scattered in my computer, that I consider myself definitely still in the challenge state! Completion – some day? 🙂 That is why I particularly admire your progress!! 🙂

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  2. It is a lovely poem, and made the better by including a crow, and a handsome one at that. 🙂 Myself, I wonder what is fantasy and what is real everyday.

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    1. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments, Peter 🙂

      I couldn’t resist adding the crow. I really did see one this morning as I drank my coffee in the back porch. (But not the image I posted. It’s a free image. the source is embedded in the caption below. Please use it if you wish. There are many other options on the website).

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