Reflections about Traveling Through Time

Carol A. Hand

Only precious fleeting moments
In the present
How quickly they pass
The stillness of the morning
The remaining leaves golden in the rising sun
Before the drone of traffic and engines has begun
Drowning out chickadee song

tree november 3 2015

Photo: Duluth Morning – November 3, 2015

Too soon I’ll begin the transition
To a time in the past
As I write of other times
With my thoughts far away
My attention no longer on here and now
I remind myself there’s a reason
This is now my storytelling season

Please be patient. I may not post often or visit your blogs as frequently as I would like this month. Each day I make this transition in time as I work on writing a book: We Remember: Ojibwe Stories about Surviving the Child Welfare (Ill-fare) Years. It’s not easy for me to return to the present with anything meaningful to say.

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8 thoughts on “Reflections about Traveling Through Time

  1. Lovely, thoughtful poem! Best wishes on your project; looking forward to your return to the present, or whenever you come up for air! 🙂 No need to respond to this, just keep calm and write on! 🙂

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  2. Nice to see you immersed in your story-writing season, carol. Make full use of your mornings before the day’s din starts claiming on your energies. Best wishes for a successful completion. I am part of your audience…

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