Beginning a New Adventure

Carol A. Hand

I have to admit that I was worried about being discovered as a “fraud” for enrolling in a novel-writing project. I didn’t really want to write a novel because I feel a need to acknowledge and honor the stories of others. I want to be true to their accounts, share critical reflections, and offer possible solutions while protecting identities. I’m so grateful for taking time today to explore options. I wrote this poem in gratitude to celebrate what I discovered.

I’ve discovered where I belong
And it shouldn’t be surprising
I’m on the margins with rebels
An old but new story arising

I feel the fear and excitement
As I face this new daunting task
Can I weave stories together
So readers will finally ask

What can we do in the future
To undo egregious harm done
So we can care for all children
Because we know we are all one

Let the words that flow though me
And onto a page speak true
Without blame, inspiring hope
It’s what I’m inspired to do

For the sake of our children
Whose lives end if we fail to care
About bombs, bullets, and drones
About hunger, cold, and poison air

The collateral damage is
Borne by my own heart and soul
Silence when witnessing pain
Carries such a heavy toll

norma age 7

Photo: My Mother Age 7

me age 8








Photo: Me Age 7 (?)

When I write, I need an image or title to serve as a computer-sort button to keep me on track. Here’s my draft working title: We Remember: Ojibwe Stories about Surviving the Child Welfare (Ill-fare) Years. It may change as I write, but it’s a start…

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28 thoughts on “Beginning a New Adventure

  1. When you know that’s the story to tell, you have to tell. Funnily enough, mine is centred around children too and for the same reasons you describe. We’re called to write the changes maybe? To provoke something? Whatever the outcomes and the reasons, very best of luck.

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    1. And you don’t even really have to think of it as a novel. You are telling a true story but participating in NaNoWrimo you will work toward a draft and maybe get some ideas about structure, pacing, using novelistic technique in giving new life to the stories you were told. Write on.

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      1. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Diane. I really did find a forum called “rebels” – for those who are not writing novels. I’m excited (and terrified) and hoping the pressure and structure will help me keep writing even on days when it’s hard…


    1. I’m glad to know that, Rosaliene. I often thinks it’s a rather strange approach, but it really does remind me what my purpose is. I’m not sure that my working title quite conveys what I’m hoping to accomplish, but I think it’s a good place to start.


  2. I’m happy you are writing a story/novel, a new adventure in some way, but you are already an accomplished writer! I am sure you will enjoy this journey.

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  3. I literally wait for your posts! When i wake up in the morning and check my phone, “Carol must have posted something” is one of the things that run in my mind! Love your thoughts!

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  4. Of course you will write a wonderful story, it doesn’t have to be a novel, it may become several! With all your experiences, I am sure it will be a true reflection of it’s author!

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