Reflections about Soft Hands and Laughter

Carol A. Hand

Does one need to know deep suffering and cruelty
To learn the importance of being kind?
What is the secret of the transformative alchemy?
Is it found in one’s heart or one’s mind?

Does it come from silent prayer or ancestors walking near?
Is it ever-present potential within all of us or only a few?
Does it come when one feels lost or only when the path is clear
Like gentle rain to ease the drought, starting our life anew?

compassion greatergood dot berkeley dot edu

Photo: Compassion (Greater Good –

Can we learn to hold the presence of love when darkness descends
Remembering to live with soft hands and laughter,
With kindness that never ends?


Photo: Compassion (Greater Good,


9 thoughts on “Reflections about Soft Hands and Laughter

  1. Oh my, Carol, this is greatness! Perhaps it comes from all those things, my friend for they all have a way of carving out places in our hearts and souls that deepen our ability to love and be kind. My guess is that your hands are very soft and your laughter extremely rich for I know you have experienced all such things. Hugs and love, N 🙂 ❤

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