International Day of Peace

Carol A. Hand

Dear friend, I almost forgot today was the day
You were so proud of supporting

But I haven’t forgotten your kindness
So many years ago
When we were refugees of sorts
Running away from the troubles of the world
To a place we hoped we would find peace
Instead, we realized it’s never that easy

We took our separate paths
To find ourselves first

But I’m grateful we had a chance to reconnect
Before your passing
So you could tell me that you once loved me
And I could tell you that I knew
But you were too kind
I didn’t think I deserved it then

You were always a peacemaker
So I didn’t find it surprising
That the accomplishment that made you most proud
Was the role you played in promoting World Peace Day


Poster: International Day of Peace Poster

I couldn’t let the day pass without a tribute,
Without letting others know
There are many unsung heroes
May you rest in peace dear one
You have not been forgotten

Let me send out a prayer for peace today
To honor you
Because you’re no longer here to pray.

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9 thoughts on “International Day of Peace

  1. To the lovely voice in your poem, I like to chant the Vedic mantra, Om shanti, shanti, shanti (peace, peace, and peace, for all humanity, all animate and inanimate forms, for all creative manifestation of the universe)…

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  2. Right now, the world needs peace more than it ever did.
    Thanks for reminding us again and sharing this lovely post/very interesting link here.

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