A Time of Transitions

Carol A. Hand

I realize this is a little early. Yet these were my thoughts as I greeted a cool morning of glistening dew-covered grass, watching squirrels busy preparing for the coming winter.

October, Binaakwe-giizis, failing leaves moon
A time of learning and change
A time for letting go and greeting new life
How many more autumns will I see
How many more lessons to come?


Photo: Autumn Leaves

As leaves begin to turn golden
I have only this moment
To be grateful for the precious gifts
Of a life that has brought both joy and pain
Let me savor every moment
Knowing it will never come my way again.

In the falling leaves moon season of my life
This is all that I ask
Please let the wisdom of life stored from the sun
Fall from me gracefully to touch the earth
To nourish generations of life that are yet to come.

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24 thoughts on “A Time of Transitions

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  1. Carol, now that I am in my late 60’s I am aware that each day is indeed precious, filled with lessons, and crucial to hold in the heart. Yet, it is so good to be reminded of these gifts by another. I hold gratitude for your gift.

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    1. Thank you, Michael. I hold gratitude for your gifts as well – for your thoughtful reflections about current issues (migrations and the invisibility of Indigenous perspectives), interwoven with the present reality of our inability to transition from the very things that contribute to climate change, war, and refugees seeking safety. I send you healing thoughts and thank you for sharing photos of an East Coast sunset and the evening moon.


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