A List of the Things I Do with Lists – Writing 101

Carol A. Hand

I’m always taking notes and making lists,
But when I really need them,
They’re never to be found.
I know I’ve put them somewhere,
They’ve got to be around.
I know I saw it in this pile,
Or did I put it in this file?


Hmm, I think I remember typing it out
But what did I name it, what was it about?
Lists, lists, they’re everywhere
On envelopes and post it-notes
On counter tops and tables.
I’ve got to find a better system
To create new files and labels.
They’re in notebooks and on legal pads
And on the flipchart, too.

flip chart

If I’m going to write a book
This chaos will never do.
Let me try this program
I think it would be wise.
It’s time to get ready
I really need to organize.
Lists are a road map
To help plot the way
I need to know my purpose
And what I want to say.
In the past lists have helped
I’ll begin new lists today!

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