What If …

Carol A. Hand

What if –
We believed everyone is born
With a special gift to offer the world
Each one has a unique and necessary role to play
That no one else can fill

What if –
We welcomed and nurtured each new child
Enfolded them in love and warmth
Helped them develope their gifts
Encouraged them to share their spirit song joyfully

What if –
We learned that all life is sacred
And found ways to live in peace
To tend our gardens together and share
To blend our voices in harmony

Dreaming of possibilities is the first step …


Acknowledgment: This was written in gratitude to the Tribal staff for the Honoring Our Children Project who created initiatives to welcome each new child and rebuild communities, and to my granddaughter, Ava, for inspiring me to draw.

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25 thoughts on “What If …

    1. Such lovely comments, Susan 🙂 Thank you. I’d love to hear more about the images you saw – and maybe we could put the poem and images together as a collaborative project …


  1. As far as I can see, nearly everyone in my circle of friends already shares these beliefs. The cause of their suffering seems to lie elsewhere – in their ruthless exploitation and oppression by a criminal corporate elite.

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    1. I’m glad to hear that your circle of friends is healthy, Stuart. As I contemplate the sources of exploitation and oppression, I can only conclude that the “criminal corporate elite” are the ones with the deepest holes in their souls. I wonder how many ever knew real love and compassion as children. It’s hard for me to imagine the childhoods of the Koch brothers, Trump, or Walker. It’s not something I envy…

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