One with the Storm

Carol A. Hand

Suddenly the sky fills with dark clouds,
Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles,
Echoing from the hill to the west, intensifying its power.
Heavy rain begins to fall, buffeted by the wind.

I offer tobacco with a prayer,
Please spare us all from harm.”

Suddenly I am one with the storm raging overhead
I can feel its energy coursing through my body
My heart is aglow and I feel the warmth
Of healing energy flowing from my hands.
I send out love to all those who are suffering,
And to those who cause others to suffer.
May we learn to live in peace with each other
And in balance with the earth we all share.”

The storm quickly passes,
The sky clears and the wind calms,
Leaving only rain-soaked gardens in its wake.
I offer tobacco again, “Chi miigwetch.”

I wonder, “Is this the key for surviving other storms?”

garden june 29 2015

Photo: June 29, 2015


19 thoughts on “One with the Storm

  1. Great piece. I love a storm, it shows you nature is in control and when it passes over and everything it ok that moment of silence is so fresh and calming. Thanks 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comments, Equality. I’m learning to love storms, too, although I miss the old days of frequent gentle rain. Now, we go for a week or two without rain and then have torrential downpours, often accompanied by thunder/lightening and high winds. (Of course, it could just be my memory playing tricks when I think it’s different now than the good ole’ days.) 🙂

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      1. Don’t think it’s you mind. Here in the UK we are having stormy weather and rains at the mo. This should be our summer but appears not to be. Although have to admit I do enjoy them but also would enjoy a few days of blazing sunshine. It not too bad about 18 degrees but could increase by 10 more 🙂

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        1. It’s actually fascinating to hear what your weather is like in the UK. Your summer this year sounds like last summer for us – it was always rainy and rarely above 65 F (18 C).

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        2. Yes and our winters are getting colder and wetter too it really does always rain (nearly). But down south temp is breaking records of 38 degrees. I believe the gulf stream has move and now flows across the middle of uk. So within an few hours drive there can be nearly a 10 degree difference. But the north is getting colder!

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