Songs from Other Eras – Yet Relevant Still

Tracy Chapman – The times they are changing


Tracy Chapman – Talking about a revolution

20 thoughts on “Songs from Other Eras – Yet Relevant Still

  1. I love Tracy Chapman…her songs are so thought provoking! I was just listening to her yesterday 🙂 I hadn’t heard the “Times they are Changing”, it is another good one, thank you!

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    1. Fascinating that you were listening to Tracy yesterday, too, Barbara. (I originally listened to Bob Dylan singing his song, the times they are a changin’, and discovered Tracy’s version.)

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  2. Powerful and important memories, Stuart. Reagan’s reign did usher in an era that was repressive and cold-hearted – a legacy that has sadly been deepening and spreading in recent years. The songs I remember from those years were by Holly Near, from an album called “Watch Out!”

    “Watch Out! Watch Out!
    There’s a rumble of war in the air
    Watch Out! Watch Out!
    There’s a rumble of war in the air
    With a man like that you never know where or when
    He’s gone, he’s gone and sent in the Marines again…”

    (Interestingly, when I tried to find a link to her song “Watch Out! on youtube just now, I couldn’t find it, even though I have found it in the past. I was able to find the lyrics on her website.)


  3. I love Tracy Chapman, her honesty and talent is just breathtaking to behold. I’ve always liked this song immensely, as well:

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