Breathe Deeply

Carol A. Hand

Breathe deeply. Take a moment for silence to remember why you’re here
In this place, at this time – it will help still your fear.
You’re here for a reason – don’t forget it’s really your choice
To take responsibility for those who suffer and don’t have a voice.

It’s not because those who suffer don’t matter – don’t have important things to say
It’s more likely they don’t feel they’ll be respected so it’s best to stay away.
Let me try again to build a bridge with those in power despite shyness or fear
So they too will breathe deeply and take a moment to remember why we’re all here.

(This was inspired by the second visit I will be making today for the Neighborhood Project I wrote about in The Street Where I Live.)

duluth bridge

Photo – Aerial Lift Bridge, Duluth, MN (Source)

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15 thoughts on “Breathe Deeply

  1. It’s so difficult to establish that bridge with the powerful, especially when the powerful are preoccupied with gaining more power.

    Yes, it’s our lot to keep trying.

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  2. Carol,I am excited to see the results of this “Bridge Building” project! I know some…but not all of the people that you are reaching out to and I hope that they are receptive to you. Our neighborhood needs More bridges.Thank You for your efforts to be a builder.

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    1. It’s so good to hear from you, Shirley. I send my best wishes and healing thoughts. ❤

      So far, it's been a fascinating experience and a chance to meet people who are engaged and care about the community. I have more follow-up meetings set up and some yet to schedule. (I won't be posting anything here that would reveal identities or privileged information.)


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