Reflections about Beauty and Sorrow

Carol A. Hand

Seeing the beauty around me
brings both joy and sorrow.
I realize the fragility
that may not survive tomorrow.

I remember the forest that
inspired my childhood song
cut down to build houses,
a sanctuary long gone.

I remember the dreams of peace
from my youth now gone bye
chickadees still sing and crows still circle high
but new wars begin as drones fill the sky

Here birds greet the morning as tree tops turn gold,
While many children go hungry
And my heart hears their cries
Because leaders want power and their hearts have grown cold.

They poison the waters in the rush for oil,
as oceans are warming as sea levels rise
they poison the air and poison the soil
they close their hearts to the earth’s cries.

Let me greet every morning as long as I live
mindful of beauty and suffering
and mindful of the hope
only love can give.

lake superior sunrise

Photo Credit: Lake Superior Sunrise and Silhouettes – Photographer Jnana Hand

27 thoughts on “Reflections about Beauty and Sorrow

  1. Beautifully said as always, you express the same sorrow I have in my soul, and the same gratefulness and inspiration to continue dreaming and empowering no matter what…

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  2. “Let me greet every morning as long as I live
    mindful of beauty and suffering
    and mindful of the hope
    only love can give.”

    Words to live by. Thank you.

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  3. The longing for a simpler place and time is evident in your verse, Carol. What kind of burdensome legacies are we leaving future generations to carry? Your inner thoughts are beautifully and eloquently expressed here.

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  4. Yes, simpler times would be welcome, Jeff, but I share your deep concerns about the legacy we are leaving for the future. Thus, like you, I accept both beauty and sorrow and do what I can – deeply grateful for friends like you who do the same ❤


  5. A lovely piece of awareness-building poetry, Carola. I wish you success with your outreach to your neighbours in Duluth and your courage to keep telling stories that challenge that community to dig deeper into what matters to their descendants. This needs to happen. So far I seem to be fighting my offsprings’ battles for them. They do not stand beside me in this lonely, hard place. I remember asking you about your garden. Your recent posts are opening it to us in welcome. Thanks.

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