A Morning Thank You

Carol A. Hand

I just wanted to thank everyone who sent kind and thoughtful messages, and also to anyone who visits this blog. It will take a little while for me to respond individually to everyone who commented because my sight will be challenging for a while.

The cataract surgery I had yesterday morning was pretty uneventful except for the slight delay by the anesthesiologists. They were in a panic about my advanced directive for absolutely no attempts to resuscitate me if something went wrong. My surgeon had to intervene and we came up with a compromise that he agreed to uphold. They could try to start my heart once if it stopped because of a rare occurrence – touching the eye in a certain way during surgery can stop the heart. But under no circumstances could they do more just because they tried and failed the first time. He agreed to honor this, so we proceeded.

Today, I am able to read with my “good” right eye with my glasses perched lopsided to make room for the protruding clear plastic cover over my left eye. I do know that the sight in my left eye is already immeasurably improved.

One of my morning rituals is to read my horoscope in the Huffington Post before I check the news. (I check both Pisces and Aquarius, since I was born on a cusp, a fitting place for someone who is of mixed ancestry). Silly and superstitious perhaps, but the opening phrase for Pisces today was amusing. “Your perspective is bent out of shape today…” (It only took me ten tries to type this simple post hmm, now eleven, oops now twelve.)

I’m sending a heartfelt chi miigwetch to all. (Ojibwe for “thank you very much”)


Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures

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  1. Dear Carol, I’m so glad things went smoothly for you and I completely understand about non-resuscitation. Please take your time and heal, no rush to get back on here. You are so very thoughtful to even just post this one. Many blessings of healing to you, Namaste!

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  2. Your perspective is always somewhat askew, coming from the periphery, the margins, which is why it is so valuable! Glad you are recovering and impressed by your refusal to take a few days off, blogging on regardless!

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  3. Wow, I never knew that touching the eye in a certain way during surgery can stop the heart. Yikes. Knowing that in itself can make the ordeal stressful. I am glad that all went well!

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    1. I didn’t know that either, Mary, and I only have the word of an experienced anesthesiologist to go on, but I suspect he’s information is accurate. I knew any surgery poses risks so it was indeed stress-producing.

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    2. I didn’t know that either, Mary, and I only have the word of an experienced anesthesiologist to go on, but I suspect his information is accurate. I knew any surgery poses risks so it was indeed stress-producing. But it’s over and so far, successful.

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  4. The first thing I read was “advanced directive” and “resuscitate me” and I think my heart stopped, Carol! Glad the cataract surgery seems to have gone well. May the DNR order never be needed, my friend.

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    1. Thank you for your wise words, David. I’m learning to live more fully in patience and discipline with gratitude and hope. – the only way I can face this challenge of too many kaleidoscopic images flooding my sight. Each day, images become a little clearer.

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  5. Carol, thank you so much letting us know your surgery went well, albeit a little time-delay. I’m so glad you are already seeing better. I’m sorry, I had to laugh at your horoscope, especially since you’d just described how you had to wear your glasses. Please continue to take good care of yourself and don’t rush things–your blogging friends will always be here waiting! ♥

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Mandy 🙂

      I had to laugh at my horoscope as well… It was just so true. (I didn’t want to scare anyone by sending the picture of what I looked like post surgery – but sometimes, laughter is the best medicine.)

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      1. I so agree, Carol. I knew a man once who had cancer and felt pretty darned bad. His wife brought in every movie she could find–all comedy–and they later attributed his recovery to the laughter. I have a strong belief in humor. I hope you continue to find things to laugh about and your recovery is speedy! 😀

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  6. Hi Carol – I seemed to have missed this – didn’t know you had undergone eye surgery. Very happy to hear it went well! We need you here to continue to inform and inspire.

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  7. Dear Carol,
    I’m so happy to hear your surgery was successful and that you are here to tell us the story.
    I loved to learn how to say thank you in Ojibwe. Thank you.
    I wish you a lovely weekend a speedy recovery.
    Hugs from Amsterdam.

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  8. Looks like I’m late in knowing what you were going through. Glad it went well and that your wishes were accepted, Carol. No need to reply; just glad you’re you and you’re present.

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