Two Exciting New Resources

Carol A. Hand

Today, I would like to share news about two new resources.

A new ebook is available as a free resource for teachers here.


Michelle Ford, author and editor of the ebook, was inspired by her students to write down and publish the stories she tells during her classes. She asked other teachers to contribute and I was honored to be among them. Michelle describes the history and purpose of this new, free publication in English and Spanish.

What’s this? Thank you for downloading this e-book, which is free. This e-book includes stories and fictionalized life anecdotes written by English teachers in Spain for EFL students/learners, and stories by a university teacher in the USA who has recently retired. Other materials include teachers’ own explanations and insight about learning and issues dealt with in their lessons.

Las historias han sido escritas por profesoras de inglés en la enseñanza pública en España (secundaria, Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas, universidad), y por la profesora de universidad Carol A. Hand, estadounidense ojibwe, que acaba de retirarse. Incluyen reflexiones o apuntes sobre temas tratados en clase también.

Reproduction. Your support and respect for the property and hard work of these authors is appreciated. This means that this ebook may be reproduced, copied and distributed for non-commercial purposes, provided each text remains in its complete original form and you mention its author(s). For commercial purposes you need our written permission. You can get in touch with us sending an email with info on your publication to, with “publication” in the subject line.

Difusión: Este libro se puede descargar gratuitamente y difundir libremente siempre y cuando se respeten citar a sus autoras y el nombre del libro en el que están incluidas sus aportaciones, así como el nombre de la fuente, Ver “Cómo citar”.

Copyright 2013, 2014 for each text, its author / para cada texto, su autora

Copyright for this edition: MF, 2014-2015 / Para la edición, Michelle Ford

Please check out Michelle’s blog Plans ‘n What We Did as well.


The second resource is a new blog that deals with the challenges faced by people whose ancestry is mixed.


Lara/Trace Hentz is the inspiration behind this new blog. Recently she asked me to join her as a co-editor, an honor I accepted. As Trace and I discussed what we saw as the purpose for the blog, we realized that neither one of us wishes to define exactly what mixed means. It’s a personal experience that others may each feel and understand in their own unique ways. We would like to encourage you to consider sharing your experiences on the MIX.

About THE MIX weekly emag

 the mix 3

Ancestry affects our lives in many ways. Some impacts are subtle, while others are profound. Scientists are still debating whether “race” has any biological meaning, or if it is merely a social invention used to group individuals into convenient categories based on observable superficial physical characteristics. It’s clear that many people throughout history have viewed socially constructed categories of distinct races as “real.” And because not all groups have been accorded the same prestige and access to resources, groups labeled as inferior have been subjected to varying degrees of oppression and brutality.

Despite these divisions, people from different ancestries have formed unions throughout history as a result of migration, intermarriage, war and conquest, forced assimilation, or voluntary choice (Kenan Malik, 9 March 2011). Children born in the margins haven’t easily fit into any category, resulting in unique experiences and perspectives that have not often been shared. Yet as people who have learned to understand and bridge cultures, nations, classes, and races, the stories mixed ancestry people have to share are so valuable. They have much to teach our world – a world that continues to marginalize, oppress and victimize people who are viewed as different.

THE MIX is a place for stories of mixed ancestry to be shared. It is open to ALL writers and artists. In your own words and images. In your own life and experience. In this time we live in…
Creativity is encouraged. There are many ways to share experiences – stories, photos, poetry, artwork, videos, and audio recordings. We welcome all.

We are happy you are here and look forward to hearing from you!


Please check out these resources and consider contributing your stories to The MIX!

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