In a World Ruled by Windigos

Carol A. Hand

In a world ruled by windigos,
What can we do
To end a hunger that they can never satisfy?


Photo Credit: Windigo, by Ashere

They tear open the earth
For coal, diamonds, and oil
While farmers commit suicide and hungry children cry.

As the land that fed people
Becomes barren arid soil
The life that once flourished has rapidly begun to die.

They cut down her forests
That give us air to breathe,
And they poison her waters and blacken her sky.

koch brothers

Photo Credit: The Koch Brothers, Fox News Radio

Although legends say only medicine people
Can send their evil spirits away,
If we stand in solidarity together to protect life and expose the lie
That there are no options to their rule as we idly wait to die,
I believe we can reclaim our world if we’re courageous enough to try.

 According to an essay posted in Indian Country Today,

“The most important difference between Windigo and the European vampire is that surviving an attack by Windigo does not turn you into one. The creature is evil and the human who takes that form must have an evil heart rather than just stumbling into the path of a hungry monster. People can turn into Windigos, but they must be predisposed to evil.”

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27 thoughts on “In a World Ruled by Windigos

  1. Oh, Carol. This is chilling writing about the human greed, the cannibalism, the growing shit storm coming down on us. Powerful writing, as in a great power that wells up from deep within the earth. Stunning connection between Windigo and the Koch brothers. This post is entirely infused with great urgency. So disturbing. A thank you feels almost too small for how blown away I am with this post. Nevertheless, gratitude to you. Whew.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Pat. I agree – this is a “dark” post, something I try not to do often because there’s enough pain and suffering in the news every day. But today, this is what came to me to write – with a “disturbing” sense of “urgency.”

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  2. enjoyed the Ojibwa wisdom, Carol!
    can we live simply
    boycotting material items
    and sources of energy
    which poison our fishbowl?
    together, i think
    it’s still possible 🙂

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  3. much of it at every turn. Friends and I were discussing the Superbowl Game (which I chose not to watch) that is as much about Commercials as it is about The Game. It is no longer about sportsman ship or role models for our young is about money and greed . The Koch brothers as Windigos!!!! fits. they have been referred to as The Toxic Empire. They take and take and never replace or even seem to care what they ruin in their lust for More and More. They have so much..WHY do they need more..of anything?

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Shirley Ann. You have raised an important question about those who already have too much. There will never be enough money and “stuff” to fill the holes in the souls of people who cause suffering and destruction just because they can…


  4. “If we stand in solidarity together to protect life . . .” For me, this is the most powerful line here. It says everything about creating change. Thank you, Carol.

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  5. Great comment from ShirleyAnn above. “Toxic Empire” is the perfect way to describe it. And Wendigo … well we are all a bit Wendigo when we fall into a lifestyle of gross consumption — all take and no return. At the international level capitalists like the Koch Brothers turn into very real and very powerful monsters. On the weekend Code Pink caused a bit of a stir denouncing Kissinger. The things he was complicit to are monsterous but it should be noted that the crimes and atrocities done in Chile were at the request of capitalist company — in this case Pepsi. The greed of capitalism is behind nearly every evil on this planet.

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    1. I agree, Debra. “Toxic Empire” is an apt title for many nations, including the US, that have ignominious histories of imperialism on behalf of corporate interests.


    1. Dear Lara/Trace, I hope they were healing tears. I cry, too, because of all of the needless suffering and destruction, and the sense of helplessness I often feel about creating the world that could be…


  6. I’ve been reading about the madness of capitalism…and the connectedness to shame and the devaluation of life in order to perpetuate itself was shocking. Only by keeping us isolated and self doubting can the system perpetuate itself. We can only work through its impacts by coming in touch with our own bodies, I think. The world is mad.

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    1. It certainly does seem like madness to destroy nature for silly things like diamonds and gold, and to continue the focus on extracting finite and dwindling sources of oil and coal when there are better alternatives we could have explored decades ago…. I’m not sure how to get the message out to those who benefit from the way things are, Nicci. Yet each of us is reaching out in our own way. I applaud you for the work you do with Agents for Change, and the support you always show to other bloggers who are doing what they can in other ways.


  7. Your scathing verse was marred only by the image of the Koch brothers in all of their tax-deductible glory. Matt Taibbi used the term “vampire squids” when referring to the parasites feeding on our blood:

    Your poetry is as incisive as your essays, Carol.

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    1. I always appreciate your comments, Jeff. The article you shared is a very astute analysis of the cannibalistic behavior of ice-hearted windigos. (Somehow, I can’t rid my mind of the image of the grinning Koch brothers who seem to enjoy feeding on the suffering and oppression of others.)


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