Just Be Who You Are

Carol A. Hand

Today, I just want to share one of my favorite songs. I wish I could find a free recording to share, or record my own version, but alas, I can’t. What I love most about the song, though, are the lyrics. I hope they touch your heart as they do mine.

chickadee w

Photo Credit: Black-Capped Chickadee

Little Chickadee
(by Cheryl Dawdy)

She is only a little chickadee
Just a common backyard bird
And she knows no care or worry
She is happy in this world

Just a simple little chickadee
With a simple song to sing
She’s not a peacock or a toucan
Not some fancy colored thing

But she can fly
She can fly
Anywhere she’d care to roam
And call anywhere her home

Then I said, “Tell me, little chickadee
Don’t you wish sometimes to be
Someone bigger, someone more beautiful?”
And this is what she said to me

“If I were bigger or more beautiful
If I had fancy colored wings
It would not make me someone better
‘Cause these are not important things

‘Cause I can fly
I can fly
Anywhere I care to roam
And call anywhere my home”

Now she is only a little chickadee
Not the boldest bird to see
But she knows that she’s most fortunate
There’s no one else she’d rather be

‘Cause she can fly
She can fly
Anywhere she’d care to roam
And call anywhere her home

She is only a little Chickadee

 Recorded by The Chenille Sisters on their album, Teaching Hippopotami to Fly

chickadee flying

Photo Credit: Chickadee Flying

If you’re lucky, as I was when I first heard Little Chickadee on a children’s radio show, here’s a link to the show

If you’re able to connect to the show, whatever you hear may touch your heart, surprise you with people’s creativity, or make you laugh.

May you all have a wonderful day ❤

24 thoughts on “Just Be Who You Are

  1. Chickadees are very special – one of the few bird species that agrees to be hand fed by human beings. I, my daughter and now her husband hand feed chickadees whenever we get the opportunity. The design for their wedding invitations last year included a pair of chickadees and that was the icon they used on their wedding cake.

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  2. But therein lie the crux of the problem, “Just Be Who You Are” when most haven’t a clue what they are . . . But what am I doing, ruining a wonderful and joyfully inspirational poem with philosophical mumbo jumbo, when I should be thanking Carol for the joyous moment she shared?

    Thank you, Carol, loved the poem.

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    1. Peter, I am grateful for your honesty and the reminder that lovely words alone can’t transform those who need to control, consume and destroy. But beautiful words help feed our spirits and provide a reason to keep doing what we can to make things better …

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  3. I can feel the emotion in the words, “I can fly”. At one point in my life, I saw myself as a bird locked in a cage, looking for a way out, with no door or window in sight. This song brought back the feeling of joy that I have, now that I’m flying free.

    I am familiar with Black-Capped Chickadees. They are common here year round. You gave me a new appreciation for them.

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