Simple Words for the Wise Children in All of Us

Carol A. Hand

The winter solstice holidays have passed for many of us, yet this morning, a story and song from years ago wouldn’t stop playing in my mind until I decided to share them.

“It’s in every one of us to be wise.”

It’s my way of expressing gratitude to all of the blogging community who share their commitment to peace and all life. Let us all remember that the spirit of love and giving is wisdom in action – something we may share every day.

tree of peace images

Photo Credit: The Great Tree of Peace

“Say a prayer for the wind and the water and the wood,
And those who live there too…”

12 thoughts on “Simple Words for the Wise Children in All of Us

  1. I love this, Carol! And then there’s “Country Roads”, the song that made me take up the guitar! Thank you for such a feel-good start to the day! 🙂


  2. Love your post. Being grateful and giving thanks for everything around us. Love John Denver and his great love song “Annie” — he had to have been connected to all around him to write such a stirring song. My blog’s actual web addy is sunlight on the water, which I named after his song, Sunshine on My Shoulders.

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