11-Year-Old Takes Vow of Silence Until World Leaders Act on Climate Change

Thank you for sharing this amazing story of heroism and hope, JoAnn. The work these youth do is deeply touching and inspiring – it gives me hope for the future and a reason for doing whatever I can to be part of the solution.


Itzcuauhtli, 11 years old, vows silence for climate change.

Itzcuauhtli (pronounced: Eat-Squat-Lee) Roske-Martinez is taking a vow of silence until world leaders take action on climate change. Here’s his story in his own words:

My name is Itzcuauhtli Roske-Martinez and I am a 11 year old indigenous environmental hip hop activist from Boulder Colorado.  I have been working with our organization Earth Guardians on climate change and other issues since I was 7 years old, because I am concerned about the kind of world I am going to be left with.

I just got back from two months of traveling to perform at climate change and environmental conferences across the U.S.  At these conferences I’ve been listening to some of the top experts and scientists talking about the fact, that its game over for the planet if carbon is not capped in the next year.  We have already reached a tipping point and are feeling the impacts of climate…

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  1. This post does give me hope for future generations. This young boy is demonstrating such courage and conviction. This is rally an inspiring and empowering piece. Thanks for sharing.

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